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Skunk Red Hair Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Grow Skunk Red Hair Pot Seeds

This strain was given the name Skunk Red Hair because of the reddish hairs that form on the buds when approaching maturity. It is a mix Sativa-Indica seed that gives large harvests and grows fast.

It is a well suited strain for areas with short grow season, places like UK and Ireland, where it is very cold and most of the time damp. In these areas, the chance of moulds attacking the plants is very high. The fast grow rate of the strain will slim or eliminate the chance of the mould attacks.

The shortness of the plant, 60 to 80 cm, does not mean to say they yield low, in fact this weed is a high yielder, and 500 grams of great bud .the THC content is impressive at 15 to 20%. The sativa effect is soaring high.

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Quantity : 10 seedsFlowering Period : 8-9 weeks
Type : Indica – Sativa MixHarvest : Mid September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Sativa High
Yield : 500 grams/plantTHC level : 10 – 15%
Height : 50 – 80 cmGrow Difficulty : Easy

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Buying Skunk Red Hair Marijuana Seeds Online

You can purchase Skunk Red Hair pot seeds online through our website. Send your order via mail and we will make sure that your seeds will be shipped on the same day you complete the Skunk Red Hair order. To complete the transaction, you can pay by either cash or credit card. Our seed bank is also accepting bank transfer as mode of payment. We have been shipping Skunk Red Hair pot seeds and other marijuana seed strains across different countries since the year 2003.

Buy Skunk Red Hair from Mary Jane’s Garden at low price and with every Skunk Red Hair purchase you make, you are entitled to get 20 free seeds. Our cheap Skunk Red Hair is a perfect choice for indoor growing. Expect a yield of 500 grams by mid September. The Skunk Red Hair cannabis seeds are a good choice for new growers because of ease in growing. You can enjoy smoking it once Skunk Red Hair flowering period would take place within 8-9 weeks.

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