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Grow Room Setup, How To Start A Grow Room?

For a perfect grow room setup, choose the best location favorable for the marijuana plants to grow into their full extent. The ideal temperature for a successful marijuana growth is between 72 and 76 degrees at all times. Choose a well-insulated area where the grow room setup should be done. For residential areas, basement is the best place to choose because temperature is kept constant for the whole year. In a grow room setup, security and safety are just two of the main concerns. In this type of set up, marijuana plants are away from the sight of the public and they are less susceptible to pests infestations since environment in the grow room can be controlled.

When planning a grow room setup, make sure that the area to be used should be free from any unwanted objects. Give importance to ventilation, lighting sources and hygiene since these will help in keeping marijuana plants healthy and away from pests. For indoor growing of marijuana, it is important that the grow room has window which will help in regulating the entry of fresh air into the room.  An excellent source of ventilation should be provided. Exhaust fans, intake fans and vent fans are needed.  Most indoor growers are making use of a charcoal filter can fan. This is very helpful because it is moving out the stale smell of the room, bringing more fresh air to come in. Ventilation is as important as nutrients, light and water for marijuana to reach its optimal growth. To maximize the lighting source in a grow room setup, a flat white paint or Mylar is used to cover the walls. Either of these two is used as a reflective material.

Grow Room Setup For Growing Weed

Growing Marijuana Grow Room Setup

In a grow room setup, there are things that should be considered before going through this venture. Make sure that the size of the room chosen can accommodate all the plants you want to grow. Take note how many lights and how much electricity will add up to your monthly energy consumption. Operating costs, supplies, water supply and nutrients are also some of the main concerns. For the lighting source, HID (high intensity discharge) lamps are the choice of most indoor gardeners. The size and number of HID lamps to be installed is based on the area of the grow room setup. In using HID lamps for a grow room setup, heat becomes one of the problems. Room must be well ventilated and heat from the room should be drawn out using exhaust fans. It is a big no to use a carpet in a grow room setup. It will attract pests, mold and bacterial growth.

Setting up a grow room is exhausting. However, if it is done rightly, you will enjoy the benefits that you can reap from it. A grow room can be anything, from a bedroom closet to a customized grow box. For a perfect grow room setup, take these things with great consideration: the location, size of the room, light, temperature and humidity.

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