Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds


Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high yields. up to 650 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. This comes with 26 percent THC making it very relaxing and calming, ideal for the relief of anxiety, insomnia, migraines, stress, and nausea.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner (fem)

Very Pretty, Very Purple, Very Powerful

Combining the Bruce Banner and the Grandaddy Purple was written in the stars and bound to happen because of how complementary their characteristics are. From these two strains, its offspring has very potent THC levels – being measured at 24 percent to 28 percent.

The Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner induces similar effects as any Indica-heavy strain, but all of these get balanced out by the Sativa influence of the Bruce Banner. This strain induces laughter and chatter, making it very ideal for sociable usage. The Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner also helps in improving appetite and relieving symptoms of health problems like arthritis, depression, migraine, and stress.

In growing this strain, it will take about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before you can reap the fruits of labor. If you grow indoors, this usually amounts to 600 grams of buds. If you grow outdoors, this can be more, especially if you grow in the best conditions.


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