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Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Grand Daddy Purple Auto cannabis strain is a Indica dominant hybrid with a genetic ratio of 70% indica,  20% sativa and 10% ruderalis with an average THC level of 13%.    It is derived from Grand Daddy Purple and Hindu Kush. It is the autoflowering version of Grand Daddy Purple strain. It provides that cerebral high with a deep relaxing sedative effect. It has an aroma and flavor of hashy with sweet and tropical fruity undertones. It is a resilient plant that can thrive without the need for a growing regime.     It is ideal for late afternoon and night time use.

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Grand Daddy Purple Auto Cannabis Strain Specs

Type:  Indica 70%,  Sativa 20%, Ruderalis 10%

Genetics Parents:  Grand Daddy Purple x Hindu Kush

Flowering Period:  9 to 10 weeks

Climate:   Continental, Temperate, Mediterannean, Sunny

Yield:  400 grams per square feet indoors, 40-180 grams per plant outdoors

Flavors:  Grape, Berry, Sweet, Fruity

THC Level:   13%

CBD Level:   0.01%

Height:  50-100cm

Harvest Period: Early October

Growing Difficulty:   Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Grand Daddy Purple Auto

Grand Daddy Purple auto marijuana strain has a flavorful profile that gives out a mix of sweet citrus with a hint of chocolate tones. It has that mix of earthy and herbal pines tone aftertaste. This strain is also a top choice for edibles due to its potency and you won’t need that much to get you that strong effects and taste. It is a resinous plant and its buds are super sticky during harvest. It is suitable for indoors and outdoor propagation. 

Grand Daddy Purple auto ganja strain has that average THC of 13% that provides that intense cerebral high, focus and calms the mind of positive thoughts.  It also provides a mood altering euphoric high of happy vibes that eliminates negative thoughts.  Its uplifting high induces uncontrollable laughter and giggles that it encourages social engagement and interaction.After that high,  it  gradually creeps the body and sedates it deeply to  relaxing, couchlock sensation.     It is best for that late afternoon and night time usage due to its strong couchlock and sedative effect. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Grand Daddy Purple Auto?

Grand Daddy Purple auto marijuana strain helps alleviate both mental and physical disorders.  It has long lasting therapeutic effects  that provide intense relaxing body high,   relaxes and calms the mind and body.  It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are suitable to treat chronic body pains, migraines, arthritis, fatigue, sore muscles, muscle spasms  and back aches.  It has mood altering effects, uplifting happiness that are suitable to treat  depression, bipolar, stress, and anxiety.  This strain is also suitable to treat eating disorders like anorexia and to cancer patients who have after effects of chemotherapy and cobalt treatments. It helps improve the patient’s appetite. It also helps users with sleeping disorders and insomnia. After its euphoric high effects, it slowly relaxes the mind and body to a blissful slumber at the end.

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Grand Daddy Purple Auto

Grand Daddy Purple auto cannabis strain has some adverse effects of cotton mouth and dry, itchy eyes. It can be easily managed through  proper hydration. It is best to hydrate before, during and after usage. For dry eyes, it is recommended to have a bottle of moisturizer for the eyes to prevent dryness and itchy eyes. As this is a moderately potent strain, it is best to moderate the dosage and or try other strains with less THC levels for tokers who are sensitive to high THC. Some have experienced severe anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia due to excess dosage.  

How to Grow Grand Daddy Purple Auto

Grand Daddy Purple auto  marijuana strains are easy to propagate and is a novice friendly propagation. It is an ideal choice for beginners and does not require a specific regime.  It will flower fast for at least 9 to 10 weeks. This autoflowering plant produces small plants and does not require lighting conditions to thrive.  This bushy plant can grow up to 100 cm and thrives in a temperate and mediterannean environment. It has deep olive-green foliage with purple hues  and sticky crystals trichomes.   For indoor propagation, it is best to use organic soil and will yield at least 400 grams per square feet.  For outdoor propagation, it is best to use organic soil with a and will yield up to 40 to 180 grams per plant. 


2 reviews for Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Roland Ruadiel

    The quality is superb, and the results speak for themselves!

  2. Zack Mcrae

    I’ve been amazed by the consistency and quality of MaryJane’s Garden seeds. They’ve turned my gardening hobby into a passion!

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