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Female Cannabis Plants From Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Growers often want to know how many female cannabis plants they can expect when they begin germinating marijuana seeds. Germinating the seeds is done using moisture and warmth, but there is no need to use any lighting, which is known as air germination. Moisture and warmth germination can take between two and seven days for the marijuana seed to crack open.

The usual amount of female cannabis plants that can be expected out of every germinated ten marijuana seeds the grower can expect two female cannabis plants. The exception to this is to buy a strain of seeds that has been bred to be feminized, which means that there should be no males when the seeds are germinated.

When males are three-quarters of the seeds that come from the germinated marijuana seeds they are what the grower will want to stay in with the female crops or they will pollinate them, ruining any chance for the grower to have sticky resin covered buds to smoke. Germinating the weed it will not be possible to tell immediately if they are male or female and this will take some time for the grower to find out.

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