Full Moon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Full Moon Feminized Marijuana S Full Moon Feminized Marijuana Seedseeds is a hybrid cannabis sativa-indica strain with good yields despite its average height. This is a good strain to cultivate indoors or outdoors and will remain a good strain for beginners. This hybrid is also a good medicinal strain as it can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

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Full moon feminized is another product of breeding procedures and genetic processes of Nirvana. This beautiful marijuana strain is considered to be one of the different research trips to Southeast Asia and is definitely the most perfect one of all. Full moon feminized is described to be precise and is described to be a Pure Thai weed.

This is actually featured in the Full Moon party on the Thai dream island of Kah Phangan. This Nirvana’s Full Moon is the perfect weed you are looking for from Thailand. This Thai weed is described to be total cannabis Sativa packed with a trippy and spooky visual high.

In addition to this, it has been observed that this plants, while under high wattage bulbs would have its popcorn buds to become heavy and tight. In addition to this, you could also expect that this marijuana would have its perfect scent and of course, when it Thai, it is relatively spicy in flavor. This plant is actually a white strain and yes, it is feminized. It could be used as medicinal purposes.

It could produce a highly cerebral heady effect. In addition to this, it could provide you 350 up to 450 grams of Sea of Green in about 12 to 14 weeks.

Full Moon Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Buy cheap Full Moon Feminized marijuana seeds for sale online. To purchase the Full Moon Feminized pot seeds, simply click on the Buy Now button and encode how many packs of seeds you will need. Pay your Full Moon Feminized weed seeds order through credit card, bank wire or cash sent through registered mail. With the order of Full Moon Feminized pot seeds you will complete in our website, we are giving you high quality marijuana seeds for free.

The Full Moon Feminized cannabis seeds that you purchase online will be delivered at your home at the least possible time depending on your location.

Type : Feminized
Flowering : (65 – 75 days)
Climate : Mediterranian
Yield : 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : High plant
THC Level : High
Cultivate : Outdoor
Medical : Yes
Strain : Hybrid

2 reviews for Full Moon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. AgramantR

    I started to germinate 5 seeds, which I already have in very healthy plants. It’s super easy to grow and it gets pretty big. Let’s see how they behave throughout the growing process and in the end in flowering! I’m really satisfied, so far!

  2. Zeph A.

    If you’re a Sativa lover, you have to give this a try. Full Moon reminded me of the old Thai Stick. This strain is nicely spicy, earthy, slightly lemon. Definitely a creeper. Full Moon strain is a great daytime choice, but it does have the tendency to cause sleepiness during the comedown phase. It starts in the head, then slowly to the moon or beyond. I am overwhelmed with these great seeds from Mary Janes Garden no pain in the ass I am happy with this purchase!

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