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What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that have been bred modifying the genetic makeup, so that every seed produces a female cannabis plant. That means that every plant will have sticky resin covered buds to harvest, without the fear of pollination.

There are many strains of feminized marijuana seeds to order from quality seedbanks, in a variety of tastes and potency. The feminized cannabis can be found in strains that the novice grower can be successful and ones that are more difficult and bred specifically for the experienced grower.

There are some ways for the more experienced grower to have their own feminized cannabis plants, by using clones, but that will mean having a weed plant that is just used for this purpose growing. For many growers it is just as easy to buy feminized marijuana seeds and that will also mean choosing an indica or sativa strain, having small tight resin covered buds or large crystal covered buds. The grower using clones gets a genetic copy of the same plant every time. Most growers like some variety and that is what they get when they order feminized cannabis seeds from the seed bank for growing indoors or outdoors.

Are feminized marijuana seeds better than the other cannabis seeds?

Definitely, and this is why our seed bank offers many feminized cannabis seeds for sale. This is because feminized marijuana seeds assure you that almost 100% of your marijuana plant yield is female and therefore viable for harvest. If you plant ordinary cannabis seeds, you will get a mixed male and female marijuana plant breed, which is not what you want. It would only give you 50% female marijuana plant yield compared to the yields produced by feminized strains that reach 100% almost all the time. Male marijuana plants contain less THC than the feminized cannabis plants that would be produced by the feminized marijuana seeds for sale; therefore you can enjoy more marijuana buzz goodness from the female marijuana plants you will produce.

What are the advantages of growing feminized cannabis or marijuana seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds for sale provide so many advantages. First, buying feminized marijuana seeds assures you that there will virtually be no male marijuana plants in your yield, thus saving you time and effort in cross-breeding strains and in weeding out the male plants. It would maximize the available space you have allotted for the feminized cannabis seeds you will plant. You would not have to identify the difference of appearance between the male and female marijuana plants, which would confuse even the seasoned marijuana cultivator. Most importantly, your efforts at cultivating cannabis strains would be more fruitful – it would be double the harvest you will make if you plant ordinary cannabis seeds! All the cannabis seeds for sale offered by our seed bank assure you this high quality of turnout, so go ahead and browse the varied selections of feminized cannabis seeds for sale that come in cheap prices and large discounts!

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