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Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Amsterdam

One of the highest accomplishments in cannabis farming industry is the Feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds grow into all female plants therefore save growers the hassle of identifying and removing the males and thus preventing unwanted pollination. Feminized cannabis seeds are produced from a chosen cannabis female that has been put through climate stress, which forces the plant to show some male flowers.

The pollen is used to pollinate existing female flowers in order to produce seeds that do not contain a male chromosome. The seeds will not grow into a male plant, only female or hermaphrodites. Fortunately, the female to hermaphrodite ratio is much higher than standard seeds ratio of females to males. Feminized cannabis seeds will grow more than 80% of females and only up to 20% of hermaphrodites. Standard seeds female ratio is around 50%.

Feminization is easy to do but takes years to perfect, we’ve discovered some strains don’t work well with this process. White widow turned out to be a stable feminized strain, very low in hermaphrodites. We have achieved level of 99% seeds growing out females after 5 years. Nevertheless cannabis growers are advised that excessive environmental growing stress can induce male flowers appearing on cannabis females. Feminized seeds offer obvious advantages, as i.e. outdoor growing in remote locations doesn’t require monitoring for males. Indoor growers produce higher yields as every cannabis seed planted will result in a female producing harvestable buds, which means up to 50% more yield.

There are variety of Feminized seeds in Amsterdam that are good in quality, including the Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Bob Marley Sativa Feminized Marijuana Seeds, California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Ganja Dwarf Feminized Marijuana Seeds, White Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds, New York City Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds and there’s a lot more. Feminization is a serious matter and takes a lot of hard work to be successful on it. Amsterdam are good and getting stronger in developing their industry of feminization of cannabis seeds. There are already many people who are already amazed and hooked up with the greatness and of cannabis seeds produced by the country of Amsterdam.

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