Fatso Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Fatso Feminized strain is created by crossing award-winning strains, the Legends OG and GMO Cookies. As a result, this Indica-dominant cannabis came into existence. It has inherited its parents’ genetics, having THC levels that range from 16-19% and a 1% CBD range. This THC content makes the Fatso quite a potent cannabis that produces mental and physical effects, including potential medical benefits. Moreover, this Indica is quite the heavy yielder. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and produces quality buds.

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Fatso Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant, Feminized
Genetics Parents: GMO Cookies x Legends OG
Flowering Period: 60-70 days
Climate: Warm, Temperate
Yield: 400 G/M² indoors / 550G per plant outdoors
Flavors: Diesel, Coffee, Garlic, Pungent, Funky, Chestnut
THC Level: 16-19%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Fatso Feminized Strain?

Thanks to its strong lineage, the Fatso Feminized strain has inherited its parent strains’ parent strains’ delightful aroma and taste. The aroma is exceptionally unique. At first, the strong, funky smell of pure diesel mixed with overtones of coffee and garlic. The taste is quite similar to its smell. It is intense and dominated by notes of coffee and chestnut flavors with a tasty vanilla aftertaste.

Having significant THC levels allows this strain to provide a potent and long-lasting high. It delivers relaxation and bliss to both the mind and body. After a few puffs, users will immediately notice an improvement in their mood accompanied by a feeling of elevated euphoria. The entire body will feel a feeling of happiness. Afterward, a heavy yet warm body buzz spreads to the entire body, putting its users in a state of calm. This cannabis also provides deeply relaxing body sensations, slowing users down and sending them to sleep. That’s why Fatso Feminized strain is highly recommended for evening use.

What are the Medical Benefits of Fatso Feminized Strain?

Users can get various known medical benefits from consuming the Fatso Feminized strain. Since it delivers a euphoric and mood-boosting effect, it can positively affect the head and emotions, making it highly effective in helping treat stress, anxiety, and depression. This weed gets rid of negative thoughts and puts users in a calm state. The relaxing body buzz can help combat body pains, fatigue, spasms, and other discomforts. Moreover, it provides relief from insomnia, letting users experience a night of deep and relaxing sleep.

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Fatso Feminized Strain

As with any marijuana strain, this cannabis also produces a few adverse reactions. And because of its potency, it is not recommended for beginner marijuana users. It can commonly cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. Others may feel dehydrated, so it’s best to have any type of fluids at bay. More often than not, this Indica can cause paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks when taken too much. You may also want to stay close to a couch or a bed for this one since it can cause lethargy, eventually leading to a couchlock situation.

How to Grow Fatso Feminized Strain

The Fatso Feminized strain is suitable for experienced and beginner growers alike because of its ease of cultivation. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and thrives in warm and temperate climates. This cannabis plant completes its flowering period within 60-70 days and is usually harvested in September. Another fantastic thing about this plant is that it is a considerable yielder. When grown indoors, the plant grows only up to a medium height and produces yields of rich green buds amounting to 400 G/M². Outdoors, this cannabis still grows to medium size. It delivers a yield of around 550G per plant of chunky and dense, trichome-coated nugs.


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