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Cannabis Entourage Effect: Comprehensive Definition

If you take a closer look at your weed buds, you will notice that it is covered in a sticky substance, shining speckles of resin and take note; this resin is very important as it contains tons of therapeutic/ medicinal compounds and substances that add to the overall benefits, effects, and potency of cannabis. Keep on reading below to know more about the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the theory that explains the unique effects of cannabis when the compounds work together in harmony. This is where each compound plays each role that provides the best possible experience.

With all the articles that you have read and the research that you have made, probably you are already familiar with the two most famous compounds contained in weed; these are THC and CBD, which are types of cannabinoids. However, there are still many compounds that the plant contains and produces, which plays a very important role in a particular weed strain.

Entourage Effect at a Glance

When cannabis is vaporized and smoked, the human body takes in tons of natural compounds that the plant contains. Every compound provides a different effect and benefit; their behavior changes when other compounds are already activated. That is what the entourage effect is all about.

It may be compared in a human’s mood or behavior. It may change depending on the type of environment or situation. Your behavior is different when you are alone, with people you do not know, or friends. The human’s mood shifts from one point to another, depending on the variables that the environment provides.

Sadly, only a few studies were only made regarding the effects and collaboration of weed in humans. This entourage effect still remains as a theory with few studies that can back it; however, there are still experiments being done to prove this theory in order to provide more educational materials for enthusiasts.

The Collaboration of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

The common benefits of cannabis compounds were cited, such as CBD and CBG were discovered that they have the capacity to fight against bacterial infection MRSA. It also has the possibility of being improved in potency and performance when combined with MRSA killing compound anime terpene pinene.

Here is an example of strains that have proven a good effect to the users:

Granddaddy Purple

Cannabinoids and terpenes tain THC, myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

The effects and benefits of this strain are to provide a good quality of sleep, which is caused by its myrcene content. It also addresses and relieves chronic pains and inflammation.

The uniqueness and diversity of cannabis and terpenes that are contained in cannabis plants are mainly the reason why the cannabis community favors bud rather than extractions. Thus there are so many possible benefits that cannabis compounds can contribute to humankind.

CBD Oil: Does it have an entourage effect?

Oils, supplements, cannabis concentrates, and vape cartridges are examples of varieties of full-bodied extracts that are present in many forms. What categorizes them as full-bodied is the tons of natural compounds they maintain. Thus, this only means that it can contain a lot of cannabinoids, namely THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene and etc. can be in one concentrate.

However, not every type of cannabis concentrates, and extracts can contain a wide variety of substances that are inherently produced by cannabis plants. Some are intended to be strictly refined to remove a specific cannabinoid such as THC, while other extracts are specifically manufactured to only contain one compound; these are then called isolates.

While many people prefer weed that has a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes, however, there are many people that are only interested in isolates. This is the reason that they do not specifically want others that will cause them euphoric high, sedating, or hyperactivity.

Medicinal Benefits

A well-esteemed cannabis researcher in history declared that cannabis is a “taken for granted treasure” way back in 2005. For some reason, researchers neglect to study about the wonder plant and most of all the consumers, which is why there are still a lot of questions regarding the efficacy of the plant.

For a number of years, cannabis has only been tagged as a primary source of high. It is said that its medicinal benefits are not focused on and being covered with stereotypes. However, due to a number of articles regarding the effects of THC, most people only prefer cannabis that has a higher THC content.

As a response to the hundreds of years of demand and search for cannabis with higher euphoric high potency, the plants are then bred and produced with just the THC contents and not the other compounds that are more beneficial in the most amazing way. But due to the lack of funding from individuals and agencies, only a few benefits were only cited and unlocked, but if there is a concentration on the discoveries of the effects of the other compounds, this plant will help the medical sector intensively.


However, the interest in the unique compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids is beginning to start as the legalization is already improving the industry, a lot of people are already enabled to experiment on their own by using a wide variety of strains.

Breeders are getting more and more interested in the other compounds and combinations in order to improve their products as well as the improvement of the entourage effect.

Since there is not much to talk about the other benefits and all the good stuff that the plant provides due to the lack of research and scientific proof, but we surely hope that you can help the community by providing information to other breeders and growers that might help them understand the plant more.

But the important thing is that the plant is clearly beneficial to a lot of people, and with continued use for recreation and medicine, it can start a spark that will revolutionize that study of the plant and its effects.

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