East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

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East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version is a Sativa-dominant strain with OG characteristics. This strain’s buds are covered in pistils and do have a diesel scent, while the exhalation smells like mint and forest floor. The effects are immediate, infusing the user with a sense of well-being that dispels tension and anxiety after a long tiring day. The sensation is energizing without being overpowering, resulting in a healthy Sativa buzz that can help you stay involved, complete chores, or boost your mood.

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East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain Specification

Type: Sativa-dominant

Genetics Parents: Alien Technology x classic East Coast Sour D

Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks

Climate: Mediterranean Climate

Yield: 15-19 oz

Flavors: Diesel, Sour, Chemical, Sweet

THC Level: 18-20%

CBD Level: 0.24%

Height: 180-200cm Tall

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Hard

What are the Flavors and Effects of East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain?

The scent of fuel will reach your nose first; you can exhale a pleasant taste of forest floor. Although it is primarily a Sativa strain, East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain delivers a one-to-two punch of results in a short amount of time. The consumer can feel a powerful cerebral lift right away, elevating their mental state to euphoria. Although the capacity to focus is very far from you, creative thinking tends to flourish here. Only if you believe you can go much higher can your body begin to shiver from head to toe, resulting in a state of intensified stress relief. This bud can also put you to sleep quickly, depending on your sensitivity, so make sure you utilize it within a reasonable amount of time.

What are the Medical Benefits of East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain?

Medical marijuana patients looking for a new strain to try are likely to enjoy what the East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain has to do. All those who suffer from stress and depression are given a big fresh start if it works quickly to improve their mood.  Fatigue is helped, at least before the psychedelic trip, and after a few hits, body pain like cramps and headaches is often eased. Although it may appear to be such a cure, users should be aware that its euphoric effects may potentially exacerbate anxiety, so use this strain with caution if you are prone to this disorder.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain?

When smoking East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain, it’s not unusual to feel a little dry. And besides, it contains cannabinoids, which prevent the body from producing moisture. The signs will most likely appear in the mouth and eyes, but they will be slight. Drinking plenty of water can help to relieve the pain before it disappears by itself.

How To Grow East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Strain?

Finding East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Seeds to grow at home is even more difficult. This marijuana strain may be hard to find in dispensary collections, and those who want to grow it at home may have to try it for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, it might be preferable to find love with another herb.


2 reviews for East Coast Alien Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bilbrey E.

    Daarn! This weed has an intense head high that hits me right away after just one or two puffs. It gives me creative thinking, but I can’t focus on any task, so I decided to smoke it in the late afternoon the second time I used it. I would love to try this with my friends since this weed makes me laugh nonstop! And the good thing about it is that it eases my knee pain. But I suggest smoking it in moderation as it can make you anxious because of its strong cerebral effect! This produced a great yield after cultivating it for 10 weeks on my lawn. Thanks to MJ Garden for the great seeds and service!

  2. David Spence

    A must try strain!! If you want to get rid of that stressful mind and be depressed, you should try this East Coast. I tried smoking this, cause my friend recommended it and offered me this strain. I once suffered from stress and anxiety, well everyday was such a burden to me, Feels like I am against the world. Or the world was against me. Until this strain gave me an uplifting and motivated feeling. I smoked this strain and HELL YEAH, this strain has offered me a kick-ass high that made me stop thinking negative thoughts. I thought that this strain can worsen anxiety, but the opposite happened, taking away that mental issue from mine, which made me feel lucky, man!!! I want to grow my own weed home, even though the growing process was a bit difficult, but still I am seeking help from other mj professional growers.…. I love the quality outcome of your seeds Mary Jane!

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