Dwarf King Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Dwarf King Feminized strain is a well-known Hybrid that offers a powerful high despite its 15% THC content; however, potency is not its strongest suit. This cannabis strain is an offspring of the Skunk and Ruderalis strain.  And, as the name indicates, this is a feminized variant of a short cannabis plant. This marijuana strain matures and finishes flowering sooner thanks to its Ruderalis genetics. 

However, what makes it better as a dessert strain is its delicious aroma and flavor profile of pine, citrus, and earth with similar flavors to match. Dwarf King Feminized may not be the most strong strain available, but it is delightful and rewarding while also providing truly outstanding results.

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Dwarf King Feminized Strain Specifications

Type:  Hybrid
Genetics Parents: Skunk x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Warm Sunny Temperate
Yield: Average
Flavors: Citrus Earthy Woody Pine
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: short
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dwarf King Feminized Seeds?

The strong flavors and aromas of Dwarf King Feminized strain are what make it popular among users. When smoked or burned, this strain takes just a few seconds to become noticeable. The fragrance of the strain prepares the palate nicely for the flavor. It features a blend of oak, citrus, and earthy tones with a hint of wood. Furthermore, it has skunky and pungent undertones. On exhale, citrus and pine tones with a hint of wood are visible. 

Despite having a 15% THC content by today’s standards, this hybrid strain has surprisingly mild to potent effects. It has a calming effect that can be felt all over the body, from head to toe.  Users would also feel euphoric ecstasy, allowing inspiration and pleasure to flow freely. After that, it’s best to stay as close to a bed or sofa as possible, as the pressure will make you sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dwarf King Feminized Seeds?

Dwarf King Feminized strain is a great treatment for a range of ailments. It greatly aids medical problems such as insomnia and other sleeping disorders, which often keep users awake at night. Furthermore, thanks to its uplifting and euphoric high, a few tokes of this herb can quickly and efficiently relieve stress and depression. This herb’s calming and stimulating properties can help with headaches, cramps, nausea, and other physical discomforts. However, as useful as the Dwarf King Feminized strain is for medicinal purposes, it’s important to note that the strain is best used in the evening.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dwarf King Feminized Seeds

Since Dwarf King Feminized strain contains a modest THC, it has a few significant side effects. Cottonmouth, dry skin, and sometimes red eyes are the most common negative side effects.

How to Grow Dwarf King Feminized Seeds 

The Dwarf King Feminized has bright green nugs covered in thick white trichomes, giving it the appearance of being extremely strong. Impatient growers adore this cannabis plant with trichome-coated buds since it only takes 8-10 weeks to complete its flowering period. It’s also fairly simple to grow and can produce several yields each year. 

It thrives in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Since it is a short plant, it grows well indoors and can even fit in a closet due to its size and height. Its thick bud structure allows it to grow without pruning or trimming. Although it is a small cannabis plant, it generates high yields for its size. It takes a lot of light to live outside. As a result, it is well-suited to sunny and warm weather. Dwarf King Feminized can be grown either hydroponically or by simply planting it in organic soil.

2 reviews for Dwarf King Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. A. Jenkins

    The rich aroma of this was obvious after just a few puffs, and it had a delicious citrus flavor that was unique to my tongue when I smoked it. However, I like it! This has a relaxing effect, which I really need because insomnia is no joke. It helps me sleep well at night, but even before I dozed off, the soothing impact on my entire body was quite wonderful. This plant, which has light green nugs sprinkled with white crystal trichomes, looks lovely in the corner of my living area. I cultivated them in just 8 weeks and got good yields, which I was glad to share with my best friend. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

  2. Melanie Nash

    If you are a beginner in growing weed and you are finding the best strain to start with, well this Dwarf King Fem is good for you. This is an all-in-one strain! Great for both growing and smoking. But don’t be intimidated by its height, cause this strain can give you a LARGE yield. I cultivated my Dwarf King outdoors and it takes 9 weeks in order for the flowers to show up. You should cultivate this strain in a sunny and warm environment. Furthermore, this strain has potent and delicious flavors that enables you to feel a euphoric high that will relieve your stress and manage your insomnia. Such a great buy!

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