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Dutch Crunch Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Dutch Crunch Strain is a delectable cannabis variety with a citrus and pine flavor that provides users with cerebral clarity and physical calm, making it a great choice for evening use. The Dutch Crunch Strain is a simple-to-grow plant that doesn’t require much care. This plant can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors in 8 to 9 weeks. Once that time has passed, this short crop, which has lime-green leaves and orange pistils coated in thick resin, should yield between 200 and 300g. It has a wide range of effects that both recreational and therapeutic users will adore. You may get inexpensive Dutch Crunch Strain Feminized marijuana seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden at any moment! For large orders, we can provide lower rates, and you can be confident that the marijuana seeds you receive will be of the highest caliber and will be consistent. Get the best and top-notch Feminized Mix Marijuana bulk seeds of your choice from Mary Jane’s Garden!

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What is Dutch Crunch Strain?

Dutch Crunch Strain is a great Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was straightforward to grow. This marijuana strain is the progeny of the cannabis strains Jack Herer and Dutch Treat. With a THC content of 21-26% and a CBD content of 2%, the Dutch Crunch Feminized strain has the potential to provide users a strong physical high. In addition to treating a variety of diseases, this strain is also suitable for recreational marijuana consumers. The Dutch Crunch Fem strain is a must-try since it exudes a spicy exhale with flavors of delicious citrus and pine. The body and mind are completely calmed by this Indica-dominant strain, which promotes a numbing body stone and a clear-headed euphoria. After a long day, this plant is best ingested at night to help you relax. This marijuana seed is a great choice for novice marijuana growers because it is very simple to grow and has many advantages.


Dutch Crunch Strain marijuana is similar to dessert. It has a potent perfume of sweet fruit combined with pine and eucalyptus that will make you smile as well as leave you feeling unwinded and stress-free.


Your mouth will start to water as you taste the exquisite pine and citrus notes of the Dutch Crunch Feminized Marijuana strain.


Feminizing Dutch Crunch The strain has thick buds covered in ice trichomes and orange hairs that can grow into a small plant.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Jack Herer x Dutch Treat
Strain Dominant: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.80%
THC Content: 21 – 26%
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Dutch Crunch Strain Growing Information

Growing the Dutch Crunch Strain Feminized Marijuana Plant can be abundant and beneficial to growers, and even novice gardeners should succeed with this variety. This marijuana plant can produce buds that enable higher harvest yields. It reduces stress from the potential occurrence of male plants and makes the producers’ labor more doable. This indicates how low-maintenance this marijuana strain is to grow. This Dutch Crunch Feminized marijuana plant needs to be grown indoors in a controlled environment so that it can produce 300g/m2 of marijuana in just 8 to 9 weeks. You can increase the yield of your items by using the Sea of Green method, which causes plants to grow quickly and produce a lot of food in a small space. It prefers a calm atmosphere of about 25°C when growing outside. In order to grow well, it also needs a sufficient supply of nutrients. If a plant has matured properly, cultivators can anticipate a respectable harvest of about 200 grams of fresh buds per plant.

Dutch Crunch Strain Medical Benefits

Dutch Crunch Feminized marijuana strain also possesses a variety of medicinal qualities. Patients with insomnia and other sleeping issues can find respite from their nights thanks to the sedative and drowsy effects of this Dutch Crunch Feminized strain. The powerful Indica components of this hybrid also send down some delightful pain-killing qualities that can lessen the agony caused by backaches, muscle spasms, stiff joints and limbs, inflammation, migraines, and even arthritis. Dutch Crunch Strain is perfect for lowering stress levels in the body and getting rid of any symptoms that cause anxiety attacks and depressive episodes because it fights against any negative mental diseases. Many people assert that the stimulation of hunger, which causes the munchies, is also a typical use for those who are prone to eating disorders like anorexia.

Final Thoughts

Both recreational and therapeutic users will enjoy The Dutch Crunch Feminized Strain. For people using medical marijuana, the effects of this strain may be quite beneficial. Additionally, it is a simple plant to grow and produces respectable yields. Don’t pass up the opportunity to buy this marijuana plant and enjoy everything that it has to offer after reading the facts and advantages listed above. At Mary Jane’s Garden, we guarantee that you will always receive affordable, premium Dutch Crunch Strain Feminized cannabis in bulk orders. You can always get wholesale Dutch Crunch Feminized cannabis seeds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this strain Indica or Sativa?

Dutch Crunch is an 80/20 Indica-leaning variety, but its look is more Sativa-like. The majority of buds have a cone form, are soft, sticky, and dark green. These buds primarily have an earthy scent, despite having traces of sweet fruit.

How potent is this strain?

These buds have a staggering 2% CBD content and 20–26% THC by weight. This strain’s CBD content prevents it from being the best cultivar for treating seizures, but it is high enough to maintain an extended high that should last for hours.

What is Dutch Crunch Strain good for?

Dutch Crunch is a nice strain for unwinding but not necessarily for productivity or socializing; because of its Indica tendencies, it is best used in the evening or at night. Dutch Crunch is advantageous for treating disorders with chronic pain and digestion due to its CBD concentration.

3 reviews for Dutch Crunch Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Edgar P.

    It’s impressive! This weed has made me incredibly talkative. I guess I could practically give you the entire tale of my life, lol! It is ideal for me because I am a shy guy, it enhances my confidence and allows me to perform well in our daily meetings with my boss at work. So, if you’re looking for a way to increase your self-confidence, plant this herb right now… The plant has lovely and curly buds with orangish hair covered with crystalline powder trichomes, making it a great outdoor plant for everyone. I’m given higher yields within just 9 weeks. A+

  2. P. Blais

    Nice! It’s now my anti-stress remedy; I’ve been searching for marijuana that will literally throw out all of the crap in my mind. And now I’m pleased with how effective this one is for me. Other than that, after a few bowls, it makes me hungry, and I often ask my wife to cook pasta in the middle of the night. Luckily, I have a lovely wife who is an amazing cook. Lol! Growing this plant outside was simple, but it yielded less (approx. 7oz per plant) after 9 weeks than other weed plants I had. However, because it is just for my personal use, it is still pretty good.

  3. Joan Skinner

    Best and premium quality of seeds and service! Well MJG really deserved the 5 stars!! This Dutch Crunch Fem is so easy to breed. Well this can give you a yield of pure and beautiful buds. Since this strain is very to cultivate you don’t need to exert more effort and patience, but make sure you are feeding this strain with the proper nourishment and methods, cause once this strain is harvested this will give you a yield that can make you proud and happy. This strain has also managed my stress and insomnia. The combined citrus and pine flavors have relieved the pain and negative in my mind, which has made me a positive and motivated person. Highly recommended to those people who are seeking medication for their mental health issues.

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