Drunk vs High: Understanding Their Major Differences

For people who’ve been into both alcohol and weed, telling the difference in the effect, taste, and legality between them would be easy. However, various debates still cannot be avoided as those are favorite substances in the market. The topic of being drunk vs high has various factors involved which need a little bit of elaboration for further understanding.

Both alcohol and cannabis have become popular for a long time now even during ancient times. However, their beginnings and origin are distinct from each other, basically depending on the various cultures.

What is Alcohol

Alcohol is not just any ordinary substance that causes people to lose consciousness of their movements and thought. It is scientifically known as a depressant that hinders the brain from functioning normally, particularly causing it to slow down including the psychomotor performance of a person.

Alcohol leads to dangerous conditions like comatose or even death, especially when consumed at high doses and affecting mainly the respiratory system in your body. Likewise, alcohol is not allowed to be mixed up with Ketamine, tranquilizers, and other drugs that are considered as depressants. They might just affect your brain and memory as well as to lead you to a fatal condition.

Proper Dosage of Alcohol-Based on Type

Certain types of alcohol require only a specific dosage per consumption. This is mainly for them to be able to estimate the alcohol content that they already have in their blood.

BEER – each drink of this is equivalent to 12 ounces of beer which normally has 4% alcohol.

LIQUOR – each drink of this is equivalent to 1.5 ounces of liquor, having 40% alcohol inside that also goes for a shot of vodka, whiskey, gin, and other liquors. However, this may still vary depending on the mix you made.

WINE – each drink of its standard version is equivalent to 5 ounces such as in white, rose, champagne, etc. Whereas, its fortified version is only 3 ounces containing 13% alcohol like that in brandy and sherry. 

Temporary or Initial Effects of Alcohol

Each drug has different effects on people as each person is unique from one another. However, just to have a clearer idea of what alcohol does to your body, here is a list of the short-lived effects of drinking alcohol:

– Problem with reflex and body coordination

– diminished judgment

– weakened thinking skills

– being restless

– being relaxed

– being drowsy

– being giddiness

– vomiting

– nausea

If you’ve drunk a lot, then you can expect a hangover later on. When the hangover strikes you in the head, it will be followed by some headaches and diarrhea as well.

Lingering Effects of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol more often and at higher dosages causes your body to become weak and vulnerable to some very serious illnesses. Here is a list of the most common conditions that too much alcohol in the body causes:

  1. Liver problem – severe problems in the liver may hinder your body in handling substances inside it as well as in cleansing itself of the various unhealthy elements.
  2. Pancreatic problem – or pancreatitis, a condition wherein the pancreas becomes swollen because of too much alcohol consumption.
  3. Heart disease – damages to the heart may be acquired due to excessive drinking. Heart problems may also refer to problems with the blood vessel.
  4. Problems with the stomach and digestion – irritation of the stomach are caused by the properties contained in a large amount of alcohol. It may lead to ulcers and bloating.
  5. Problem with the central nervous system – this includes the feeling of numbness and limbs feeling tingly.
  6. Erectile Dysfunction – also known as impotence, a man’s inability to keep and stay firmly erected during sex. A large amount of alcohol in the body leads to this condition.
  7. Infertility – both men and women suffer from this issue especially when they are both heavy drinkers for a long time, too. Conceiving a child will be hard or almost impossible in this case.

What is Cannabis

Cannabis or marijuana is a plant that contains two major properties that cause both physical and mental high. One is called the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and the other one as cannabidiol or CBD. Each of them makes a different effect on the human body. The first one causes the mental high and the other one is non-psychoactive which only brings that physical high.

It is for such reason that cannabis became a sought-after drug around the world. They loved its soothing sedation that also delivers other very delightful effects. Medicinally it is useful for relieving pains due to arthritis, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis, spasm, seizure, and even more severe ones. Recreationally, though, it is on top of the list for being a drug that serves with a blissful, uplifting, and motivating high. 

Temporary or Initial Effects of Cannabis

Various conditions also spring from using weeds which may be just temporary or initial only. Those are the following:

– unawareness of the time

– relief from pain

– dry mouth

– enhanced craving for food

– drowsy feeling

– being giddy

– nausea

– being relaxed

The abovementioned effects, however, are not the same as with consuming buds through vaping.

Lingering Effects of Cannabis

If you’ve had more dosage of buds and toked a lot, some longer-lasting side effects may be experienced such as the following:

– headaches

– feeling drowsy

– brain malfunction and development

– Schizophrenia

Drunk vs High

Being drunk, according to the dictionary is the condition when one gets influenced by too much alcohol resulting in a lack of one’s ability to manage his/her behavior. On the other hand, being high on weeds means that you have entered into another dimension, lost awareness of the reality, and has been stoned on your couch to savor the fantastical scene going on in your head.

Aside from being caused by different drugs, being drunk and being high have varied effects on the body and attacks in unique ways. Becoming drunk targets the respiratory and central nervous system which is why comatose and death are said to be the common result of it. Getting high on weed, on the other hand, focuses only on the brain which is what sends the rest of the controls over each part of the body instead of directly affecting them when you smoke.

Also, cannabinoids only attach themselves to endocannabinoids that are naturally occurring inside our bodies. Because of that, the usual side effect of consuming too many weeds are paranoia, dizziness, and sometimes nausea, too. Now, you ask which one is better, drunk vs high. Read on to find out the answer to that.

Why Cannabis is Better

Many studies have shown support on the conclusion that cannabis is better than alcohol. This may be surprising to some believers of alcohol, but it has been found out that smoking weeds are a lot less dangerous than drinking alcohol. Many components of cannabis help make the body stay healthy and not the other way around.

Most of the reports about cannabis being an enemy of the body have been exaggerated for some reason making it seem so negative. Only previously, some of the main reasons why cannabis is better than alcohol had been exposed, and here are they:

  1. The number of death – alcohol drinkers are often prone to accidents and other fatal conditions, estimated to be more than 3 million deaths in 2016 globally. On the contrary, 0 death was connected to the use of marijuana.
  2. Over-consumption – alcohol poisoning is another problem that alcoholics have to deal with. This is a huge problem among the people in the UK and the US where the number jumps up to 20% every year since 2012. Whereas, overdose with marijuana, again surprisingly, is zero, or if you want you can try smoking 240 to 1,200 joints or blunts before you can consume the same amount. 
  3. Severe illnesses – as seen earlier, drinking alcohol can lead to some worse conditions such as cancer of the liver, colon, and others. Even though marijuana also has its take on possible negative conditions, it is only limited to the lung and some mild mental problems.
  4. Cases of violence and trouble – being drunk with alcohol is much more dangerous to people not too stoned and couch-locked users. How can one make violent movements if they are glued to their couch and are physically numb, right? Being drunk with alcohol takes away your control over your behavior so it’s for you to tell if you are still being good or not.
  5. Weight problem – a higher risk of becoming obese is likely to happen to heavy alcohol drinkers than with weed smokers. Alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories which add up to one’s weight. Despite the “munchies” feeling that smokers experience during the high, weed users still fall in the normal weight according to the BMI.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to end the debate on this topic of drunk vs high, or alcohol vs cannabis. There may be a lot of advantages found in using cannabis, but the pieces of evidence simply do not suffice yet. At the same time, each person is unique and so they might have different takes on these two substances as well based on their body conditions. Despite not being able to identify the winner until now, what remains to be true would be that anything too much often leads to unfavorable conditions so moderation is still the key. Get drunk or get high, as long as everything stays under control, you should be fine to enjoy the more happy time.