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Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds are mostly Indica and contains low CBD and a high THC content. The strain has an earthy, lemon, and orange flavor when smoked. Additionally, the Double-Scoop Feminized Marijuana Strain has calming and relaxing benefits on the body that help ease persistent ailments and mental illnesses. Double-Scoop Feminized marijuana seeds are difficult to grow, making them ideal for experienced cultivators. These seeds thrive in a dry, warm, and sunny environment and can be grown indoors or outdoors. To experience the euphoria and relaxation for yourself and avoid missing out on this fantastic strain, try Double-scoop as soon as possible. Get a taste of it by ordering marijuana seeds of the Double-Scoop Strain from Mary Jane’s Garden. If you wish to purchase large quantities of Double-Scoop feminized seeds, please visit our wholesale website.

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What is Double-Scoop Strain?

Double-Scoop strain is a cross between Titty Sprinkles and Sherbet with a strong Indica influence. Your mouth will start to wet immediately as this strain has a sweet and fruity flavor. When using this strain, users will feel relaxed both mentally and physically as they become stoned. It has a 24% THC concentration and little CBD. When taking this strain, expect a little cerebral rush and a minor pressure on the head. The user feels happy and inspired after using it since it stimulates imagination. Despite the short duration of the cerebral high, you will undoubtedly feel less stressed and anxious afterwards. While its Indica qualities will give you a warm feeling that covers your entire body. It eases all joint pain and helps the muscles to relax. Additionally, while relaxing on the couch with this strain, the person experiences hunger. It’s a Double Scoop Feminized strain develops into a medium-sized plant with green leaves, dense nuggets, and orange pistils that are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.


Double-scoop strain is a distinctive and alluring strain for fans of sweet and creamy sensations thanks to its scent, which is sweet, fruity, and just a little earthy.


Orange, citrus, and earthy flavors are present in the double-Scoop feminized strain, which offers a tranquil and soothing high.


Double Scoop Feminized strain develops into a medium-sized plant with green leaves, dense nuggets, and orange pistils that are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Sherbet x Titty Sprinkles
Strain Dominant: Indica Dominant
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 24%
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Double-Scoop Strain Growing Information

Double-Scoop Strain is advised for growers with sufficient growing knowledge and abilities to use Feminized Marijuana Seeds because they are somewhat difficult to develop. Both indoors and outdoors, these marijuana seeds are thriving. A powerful lamp, routine watering, organic fertilizer, and micro- and macronutrients are required for indoor plant growth. They also react to some LTS strategies, such as super cropping and the Sea of Green techniques. There are several factors to think about, particularly the unstable environment, when cultivating plants outside. In order to absorb sunlight, it is advised to place the plants in the sun during the day. Growers must move their plants into a secure shed or onto a balcony at night in order to keep them dry and safe during periods of severe rain. For these outdoor plants to produce large yields, similar to indoor cultivation, daily watering, fertilization, and micro- and macronutrients are required.

Double-Scoop Strain Medical Benefits

Double-Scoop Feminized Marijuana Strain is advantageous for both recreational users and those who need marijuana for medical purposes because it has a lot to offer. In addition to its delicious qualities, the strain is the greatest natural remedy for treating multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lower back discomfort, muscle spasms, joint inflammation, and headaches. The strain can eliminate all gloomy ideas from the mind even though its effects are more Indica-focused. Overwhelming stress, minor anxiety, and sadness can all be relieved by this strain.

Final Thoughts

Double-Scoop Feminized strain variety is a difficult marijuana plant to grow, yet it produces a lot of marijuana either indoors or outdoors. This marijuana strain is a favorite among many marijuana users because it has energizing and soothing properties. Everyone also likes the excellent flavor and aroma that it has to provide. At Mary Jane’s Garden, we guarantee that you will always receive affordable, premium Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana seeds when you place bulk orders. You may always get wholesale seeds of the Double-Scoop feminized marijuana strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this strain Indica or Sativa?

An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a pleasant and sweet texture is called Double-Scoop Feminized Marijuana.

What is Double-Scoop Strain good for?

Double Scoop is an excellent strain for lowering your stress levels, relaxing your muscles, and distracting your mind from procrastination. In addition to treating physical aches and pains, this strain can ease discomfort and anxiety as well as prevent seizures and epileptic episodes.

Does this strain applicable for beginners to grow?

No, It is advised that growers with sufficient growing knowledge and abilities use the Double-Scoop Feminized Marijuana Seeds because they are a bit difficult to develop.

2 reviews for Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Erwin

    No matter what kinda smoker you are, these seeds have got you covered. From indica to sativa and everything in between, you’ll find a strain that suits your vibe and gets you where you wanna go. It’s like a smorgasbord of stoner delights.

  2. Charles Roqua

    absolutely amazing! It’s just perfect. Thank you Mj Garden!

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