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Does Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure: Facts Revealed

There are numerous promising health benefits from marijuana, as shown in the results of many studies. So a lot of people wonder and have the question in their minds, ‘ Does marijuana lower blood pressure?’. 

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the common health issues in society. That’s why blood pressure is usually discussed when talking about health conditions. 

Does Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure Based on Studies 

The explanation for this will focus on the things that make medical marijuana. Thus, the main cannabinoids, THC, and CBD occupy the spotlight. Both of them have something to do with blood pressure.

A medical expert stated that THC could affect blood pressure along with several factors. They are dose, the individual’s experience with THC, method of administration, and the health state of a person. Many studies were conducted regarding this matter.

There’s a study that resulted in heart rate increase and low blood pressure. A different study showed a reversed result. The subjects had high blood pressure when they used THC while they were lying down. Then they stood up, and the blood pressure dropped low.

Green outs is the term used for having low blood pressure that can be linked to marijuana. It is a condition called postural hypotension. It is not good as it brings vertigo and fainting. Therefore, lowering blood pressure is a function that is not desirable. 

On the side of CBD, it has a nature of lowering the blood pressure too. It relaxes the blood vessels and alleviates anxiety. These effects are quite beneficial for marijuana users. 

Both THC and CBD can lower blood pressure but in a different way. However, there’s no expert recommendation to use it as a medication for high blood pressure.

Effects of Marijuana in the Cardiovascular System

Another concern of many is if marijuana can cause a heart attack. To connect it with the topic, the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Again, the attention is on how THC and CBD work as most effects of weed are attributed to them. 

CBD oil with a bit of THC gives a different effect when compared to a strain that is high in THC. Several studies show that THC can harm the heart while CBD can aid its health. The latter can even protect the cardiovascular system. 

An article in the 2010 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology mentioned the therapeutic role of CBD. It can treat diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases. It has properties that can eradicate inflammation that may affect arteries, blood vessels, and some vital organs. The application of CBD oil delivers different effects when you smoke the strain.

There’s a 2019 study entitled ‘The Cardiovascular Effects of Marijuana: Are the Potential Adverse Effects Worth the High?’ was published in the Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association. It came into a result that THC can directly or indirectly cause a heart attack. It came to some people within an hour that they consumed marijuana.

But it can’t be an absolute conclusion as some patients are also engaged with cigarette smoking. Some of them are obese. These things are the cause of heart attack so the conclusion is not final. Another thing to be considered is that weed is not only bought from dispensaries so users are not sure of its compound. 

Marijuana and Blood Pressure Medication

It is another exciting scenario to analyze. What if you’re taking a prescription to stabilize blood pressure and you still consume marijuana. Are there adverse effects? They may occur if the weed that you smoke contains a high level of THC.

Smoking weed summons the presence of carbon monoxide, which is not safe for people who have hypertension or heart disease. It is a kind of gas that replaces red blood cells to bind with hemoglobin. It results in an inadequate supply of oxygen that goes through body tissues. So individuals with high blood pressure and heart disease are advised to refrain from smoking weed.

On the other hand, experts recommended the use of sublingual tinctures and edibles for blood pressure medication. However, some interactions with prescribed medication should be put into consideration. It’s necessary to monitor your blood pressure from time to time. If you feel for some instance, tell your doctor so the dose that you take can be adjusted. 

CBD on Lowering Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, medical practitioners give a go signal for people to use sublingual tinctures or edibles. It refers to the use of CBD oil, and it is the answer to the mind-boggling question, ‘ Does marijuana lower blood pressure?’.

Several factors lead to high blood pressure. CBD can lower blood pressure, which can be tracked down to the effects of anxiety and stress. When a person is emotionally and physically stressed, cortisol is produced to raise blood pressure.

CBD comes into the scene to dilate blood vessels as it gives way to more blood flow. Then its blood pressures go down. 

A study was conducted for researchers to find this useful information. Eleven participants were given 300 mg to 600 mg of CBD oil. The other subjects took a placebo. It came out that there’s a great deal of cortisol for those who had an intake of CBD oil.

The same result was discovered in another study on which participants who took CBD were able to have a reduction in their resting blood pressure. Another study is connected with this matter. The men were given stress tests first for their heart rate to increase. After they received 600 mg of CBD, the spike on high blood pressure induced by stress was lowered.

The participants of these studies are in a small number. More research is needed so the role of CBD oil in the cardiovascular system will be affirmed. 

Several CBD health benefits indirectly combat high blood pressure or hypertension. It has analgesic properties and it can combat anxiety, inflammation, and sleeplessness.

Anti-inflammatory properties can lower the blood pressure by allowing its smooth passage through the heart and brain’s blood vessels. Anxiety can give you palpitations. Thus, blood pressure rises so it can be avoided by the interference of CBD.

When you’re in pain, you are physically stressed. So CBD eases out the feeling to not trigger the blood pressure to rise. Getting enough sleep is very important as you can defeat fatigue. You can be in the state of balance without altering the normal blood pressure.

Recommended Amount of CBD to Lower Blood Pressure

The proper dose depends on your genetics, gender, weight, and health history. It needs more study to come up with accurate dosing. It can range from 20 mg to 300 mg. CBD also comes in droplets so it can be something from 2 to 30 drops.

In a study, there are different effects on two groups of participants. Those who took only 150g were not able to feel any effect connected to blood pressure. But there’s a significant lowering of blood pressure by those who had 600 mg of CBD.

You can have some tests done by yourself since CBD has limited adverse effects. It’s always safe to start with a low dose. After you take it, you can check your blood pressure. Asking advice from your doctor is helpful too.


Does marijuana lower blood pressure? With the health benefits of CBD, the causes of high blood pressure can be prevented. Fatigue, anxiety, and stress can make blood pressure rise. CBD can overcome these undesirable things. 

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