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Does CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight: Myth or Reality

In consuming marijuana, there is a lot of hearsay from different cannabis communities. Reaching this post means you came for the truth. In this post, we will discuss and further explain the common misconceptions about consuming CBD oil. There’s no need to be skeptical about consuming it as long as facts are present. CBD or cannabidiol oil is known for a variety of advantages and disadvantages but which among them are the truth? 

One of the frequently asked questions about consuming CBD oil is the effects of possible weight gain. Being conscious about weight is very common, especially if you’re health-conscious. Even though, considering that you’re consuming CBD oil means your either managing consumption or using it for medical purposes. To know more about CBD oil and the common misconceptions accustomed to it, read on and be secured with facts. 

What is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is extracted from cannabis. This cannabinoid classification is often found in cannabis plants. Compared to tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not have a high or psychedelic effect often accustomed to cannabis. It doesn’t have the ability to intoxicate the consumer which makes it a perfect choice among those who want to consume cannabis without allowing the effects interfere with their activities. In addition, CBD is also commonly used for medical purposes because of its therapeutic claims. 

Apparently, there are issues about cannabis products such as CBD oil. Apparently, some cannabis communities find it catering to recreational use. On the other hand, researchers in the medical field have conducted several studies that prove and progress the awareness about the health benefits CBD oil is associated with. To prevent further misconceptions about CBD oil from spreading, check out the next section as we identify what is fact or reality between common misconceptions. 

What are the Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil? 

From cannabis communities, health professionals, or even smoking buddies, the CBD industry is filled with contradictions and different opinions. Considering that CBD comes in different forms such as oil, edibles, treats, creams, and others, there are a lot of facts and bluffs that you will hear. They didn’t mean to lie to you. Besides, facts are very limited these days. Researchers are still working on it but it’s better to read a lot of articles on trusted websites and check for updates about CBD oil features and properties. Read on as we discuss the common misconceptions in consuming CBD oil and identify whether or not it’s a myth or reality. 

CBD Oil Can Make You Gain Weight 

We all know how people can be conscious of gaining weight. Does CBD oil make you gain weight? It’s a myth! CBD is not THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for the extra pounds you gained and not CBD. In fact, CBD oil improves metabolism and depresses the appetite which explains how people lose weight. Compared to CBD, THC improves the appetite of a person which makes it one of the primary reasons why patients with anorexia find it beneficial. 

But, the idea of CBD oil making you gain weight is still possible. Present in some research conducted, it can conversely deliver weight gaining properties. Consuming CBD oil treatment is often associated with a change in appetite. But to provide ease with your query, the effects of CBD oil vary; that’s why the research in the field remains continuous to understand the effects. 

Helps with Pain Relief 

It is very common to see how different articles and reviews state how cannabis can help in managing pain, is it true? It’s a fact! Recent studies prove that CBD oil extracted from cannabis help in relieving physical pain explaining how it is a suggested treatment for cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments. Their body tends to be weaker when exposed to continuous radiation that’s why their appetite suppress and their pain tolerance gets weaker. 

In fact, it helps in managing cases of muscle pain, chronic pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and even as minor as a headache. CBD-riched marijuana strains are often classified as indica which relieves the nerves from tension freeing the body from pain. Regardless of how intense or minimal the pain may be, CBD oil finds its way in delivering relaxing properties. 

CBD Oil Converts into THC when Digested 

Based on research conducted by a pharmaceutical company years ago, they claimed that the CBD compounds found in oil and other products are converted into THC when ingested. This research led to the paranoia of many cannabis users, CBD in particular. Soon after the release of this research, studies are published right after due to the inaccuracy of the first one. It’s not entirely myth but not entirely considered as a fact as well. 

Based on the experiments and researches conducted, there are traces of THC detected in the track of the digestive system after CBD was consumed. Even though there were traces, the researchers assured the cannabis community that CBD oil doesn’t possess intoxicating properties because the traces are only found in the excretory system. 

CBD is not Psychoactive 

CBD oil being non-psychoactive is a fact. This is one of the few reasons why most of the users prefer to consume it rather than high-THC marijuana strains. It helps in managing their intake and preventing dependence in THC-rich strains. There are no psychoactive effects associated with consuming CBD oil because the compounds that induce these effects are only THC. Some cannabis communities claim that CBD oils induce psychoactive effects. These are often caused by hybrids bred with a variety of strains. 


Does CBD oil make you gain weight? The issue of CBD oil inducing weight gain effects is not relatively false and not relatively true. It’s still under research but the numbers show that a lot of users find it beneficial for weight loss. As it improves metabolism, the digestion of food is also improved and made quicker. Besides, most of its health benefits are caused by its weight-losing properties.

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