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Smart Tips on Making Your Own DIY Pipe

Are you interested in making your own things? Do you like to have your own paraphernalia for consuming weed instead of buying them in the stores? It is a creative idea to make your own DIY paraphernalia. 

If you are interested in making your own pipe, then this is the perfect article for you. By this article, you will get the idea on how to make your own DIY pipe. You will be able to learn the steps and the methods in doing it, and apart from that, you will be able to know the things you need to prepare in the process of making it. 

How to make your own DIY Pipe?

If you are seeking for the best way to consume cannabis, then it would be with the use of the pipe. The good thing about it is that it is very simple to use and the result of it is very effective. In smoking weed with a pipe, there are some processes and steps that you need to follow. 

For cannabis users, if you feel the need to smoke weed, but you do not have any pipes, you can actually make your own pipe. You will be amazed by the easiest steps and methods it has, though. It can be very different from the glass pipe, but it will surely work well. There are some things you need to prepare in making your own DIY pipe. You will be able to know the materials you can use in making it and the different ways of making the pipe. 

Things that you should prepare

You should always be ready for the things you will need to make the pipe. You can use apples, empty bottles of water, ice, and even empty toilet paper roll. You can make pipes with those things you can find in your house.  Another usual things you can use are the pumpkins, peppers, empty bottles (choose the plastic bottles), paper rolls. You can try using an aluminum foil as well. There are some other things that you can actually prepare, such as lighter and knife. 

Possible DIY Pipes You can Make

There are a lot of pipes you can do with the use of the tools and materials you can find at home. All you need to do is to properly get the best one that works well for you. 

Pipe with the use of Pen

The pipe made with a pen is very easy to make, and you can actually use it well. All you need to make is the pen. There are varieties of ways to make pipes made of pens. If you like a very simple way, you can use a pen that has a screw cap, which is metal at the tip of the pen. The procedure of it will start by removing the cap and the ink as well as the other edge of a pen. Make sure the only thing that left is the empty tube of plastic. Inserting the cap through the backward direction on the tube’s end in order for you to use it as the bowl is the next step. 

The other edge of the tube will serve as the part where you can place your mouth once you consume cannabis. Make sure to seal your bowl, and you can use sellotape in doing it. You already have your own pipe made of pens. 

Pipe made of the apple

If you want the classic type of making a homemade pipe, you can try making it with the use of the apple. It is very easy to use, and the good thing about it is that it does not have a plastic part that will be burned in the process of smoking weed through it. Therefore, the only things you can do are cutting the holes in the apple. 

Make the cut at the core part of the apple, and there should be a hole from the narrow part which can be used as the mouthpiece. In cutting the whole, you need to use the tube or a knife. Make sure that there is also a hole that will serve as a hole that can control the flow of the air in your pipe. You need to make the hole narrow so that you will be able to put your weed there and burn them during the smoking session. 

Pipe made of pepper

You can actually make a pipe out of the pepper. You can use bell pepper because of its shape on the inside part. However, you have to remember that there might be a mix of pepper taste when you use this for smoking. 

It is possible to make a pipe by making a hole that is small on the side and make sure to provide a tube that can be used as a mouthpiece. After that, you can make another hole at the top, and you should remove the part of the core of a pepper. Make sure not to cut the bottom part in doing it. You need to cover it with an aluminum foil and make sure to make holes that can be used as a bowl. 


There are actually some good tips on making your own DIY pipe that you can follow and try with. The above-mentioned ways of making homemade pipes are very easy and simple ways. There are actually many more ways of making your own pipes with the use of the things you can find at home. 

Whichever way you like to try, you need to make sure of choosing the good one and the one that can be made easily. Aside from that, you have to make sure of following the steps and tips on making it. 

Aside from the steps and methods, the necessary things that you should know and you should prepare with are the materials to use in making it your own pipe according to your preference.

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