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Differences to Grow Marijuana Seeds Indoors and Outdoors

Differences to grow marijuana seeds indoors and outdoors start with the different growing environments. The soil is different, because the indoors cannabis is planted in sterilized soil, while the outsides plants are not. The outdoors plants get natural sunlight and the indoors weed has simulated sunlight by lamps setup in the growing area.

There is a difference in the yield, with the outdoor cannabis plants getting larger and producing more at harvest, but the indoors crops can be grown year round.

There are other differences to grow marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors, like the amount of time the grower can spend caring for their plants. To grow marijuana seeds indoors will mean the grower has easy access, but growing outdoors will mean the cannabis crop is hidden and not just outside the house. This can also make a difference in the weed plants; because the more care they are given the better they produce dense sticky resin covered buds.

There are choices that the grower will make when they order cannabis seeds, because to grow marijuana seeds indoors, the grower can buy different seeds than they would for outdoors, but they both can be cheap.

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