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Devils Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Devils Crack Strain is a robust cannabis strain renowned for its high THC concentration and strong effects. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a strong citrus and diesel aroma and provides an invigorating and uplifting high ideal for daytime use. Devils Crack may relieve stress, anxiety, and depression for medical users, while its energizing and creative properties will appeal to recreational users. Growers will value this strain’s solid yields and simple growth. Devils Crack is a top-notch strain that will appeal to recreational and medical consumers. So, give Devils Crack a shot if you’re seeking for a high-caliber variety that will not disappoint. Don’t expect to be let down! Please visit our wholesale page for incredible bulk buy savings if you want to purchase Devils Crack Strain feminized seeds in large quantities. For all clients who have been validated. Both regular and business customers can purchase the identical Devils Crack feminized seeds from us.

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What is Devil’s Crack Strain?

Devil’s Crack Strain originates from the cross of White Skunk OG, Afghani, and White. Devil’s Crack is more of a therapeutic Indica strain than a recreational one. One can be taken aback by the strong Sativa effects of this potent weed given its genetic makeup, which is 80% Indica to 20% Sativa. You will feel really stimulated after smoking this strain, and you’ll be motivated to do all of your workplace tasks much more quickly. Devil’s Crack users can also utilize it to assist them in creating the first 100 words of an original novel or the recipes for brand-new foods. A Sativa strain with a somewhat high THC concentration, The Devils Crack Feminized Strain heightens your senses without overpowering you. The THC content of Devil’s Crack is 21%, and the CBD content is 0.01%. The strain is smoked in a similar way to the narcotic of the same name, which awakens the senses and stimulates the mind. On the other hand, the THC potency is not high enough for the majority of cannabis users to experience the negative side effects of ingesting an excessive amount of psychoactive cannabinoids. The amount is just right to satisfy your needs and keep you interested.


Sweet mango and a variety of other delicious tropical flavors may be detected in the aroma of the Devil’s Crack marijuana strain.


It also has distinctive flavors like mango smoothie aftertastes and other sweet fruity flavors.


Buds on Devils Crack Strain are dense, resinous, and covered with trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. Typically, the buds are a deep green color with undertones of purple and orange.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: White x Afghani x Skunk OG
Strain Dominant: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.01%
THC Content: 21%
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Devil’s Crack Strain Growing Information

Devils Crack Feminized strain seed cultivation is a simple process. Although sophisticated knowledge and specialized abilities may not be necessary, it should be possible to grow this cannabis plant. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation are suited for it. The optimal growing conditions for these small, compact marijuana plants are warm, dry, and sunny environments. This is simple to grow covertly due to its small height. The weed simply needs the bare minimum—consistent light sources, organic nutrients, and water to develop to its full capacity. Within 8 to 9 weeks, the flowering phase is over. Breeders can harvest an enormous amount of 500 grams or more of buds indoors and 500-1000 grams or more outdoors between September and October. They are compact cannabis cultivars that favor warm, humid environments. Since Devil’s Crack is a short plant, it can easily be cultivated indoors where space is not an issue. If you give this plant plenty of light and warmth, it will flourish. In outdoor cultivation, Devils Crack Strain takes about 8 to 9 weeks to mature. The strain’s lengthy shelf life is also made possible by this. Before smoking the bud, this procedure involves removing the majority of the moisture from it.

Devil’s Crack Strain Medical Benefits

Devils Crack Strain cerebral effects provide medicinal cannabis users a range of therapeutic advantages. Due to its euphoric and mood-enhancing effects, patients can get over their stress, anxiety, PTSD, and sadness. Patients’ capacity to act spontaneously and improve is hampered by the defeatist thoughts and dismal emotions that flood their heads. When taking the Devil’s Crack strain, these emotions are suppressed and exchanged for a positive outlook and positive thoughts. Patients who use this marijuana can experience relief from despair and weariness thanks to its stimulating effects. They gain new energy from the strain and can continue to be active for the duration of the high. .

Final Thoughts

Cannabis Devils Crack Strain is quite popular because of its powerful effects, high THC content, and distinctive flavor and scent. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The user’s senses are subtly roused and triggered by it. It gives the mind access to a wide range of creative ideas, focused attention, and energizing emotions. Visitors will lo ve the mild psychoactive high because this strain’s low THC content prevents it from overwhelming users.

We at Mary Jane’s Garden can guarantee that when you place a bulk order, you will always receive cheap yet high-quality Devil’s Crack weed seeds. You may always purchase wholesale Devil’s Crack marijuana seeds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Devil’s Crack Strain Indica or Sativa?

The cannabis strain Devil’s Crack has a genetic makeup that is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, with a THC content of 21%.

Flowering time of this strain?

The duration of Devil’s Crack’s blossoming, since it might change depending on the individual growing circumstances and surroundings. The estimated flowering time of this strain takes 8 to 9 weeks for it to flower. Among Indica hybrids, it has one of the shortest flowering times. In order to determine when your plants are ready to be harvested, it is always a good idea to keep a constant check on them and track their development.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Even though it could be harder and require a little more skill and expertise, a novice can cultivate Devil’s Crack or any other cannabis strain. It’s a good idea to start with an easy-to-grow strain if you’re a newbie and interested in growing cannabis, and to conduct your homework in advance to improve your chances of success.

3 reviews for Devils Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Edgar

    This strain is a strong indica. The buds are dense and dark with a smell like earth and pine, with a touch of cola. It gives a nice body high with a bit of a happy feeling in the head. After a few hits, it becomes very relaxing, easing pain and calming the mind. It’s a good choice if you want to feel both stoned and peaceful. Highly recommended!

  2. E. Diez

    I have no regrets about growing this in my little yard. This easy-to-grow plant reaches a height of around 125cm and produces an abundance of yields of roughly 820g per plant. Woooooow! Its bright green buds and orangish pistils enhance the appearance of this plant in my yard. This absolutely enables me to feel great and productive every time I have a tough day at my job or in my personal life. It smells incredible, and the tropical fruity flavor is exactly what my taste buds desire. Thank you, MJGarden, for producing such a useful weed. It will indeed be everyone’s favorite.

  3. Shannon Bish

    I cultivated my Devil’s Crack outdoors. Cultivated them in a sunny and dry area. With all the sativa that I have cultivated, well this strain has the shortest flowering period compared to others. After just 8 weeks this strain flowered and gave me a yield of pure buds. Good thing is that this is so very easy to germinate, with proper nourishment and methods in growing this, made my cultivation perfect and successful. When smoked, this has a fragrant aroma of mango and other tropical fruits, feels like I smoked a fruity flavor marijuana! I also loved the cerebral high that this strain brought me,made me more creative and productive. This is a good strain, you must try a go in this strain. Surely you won’t be upset.

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