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Crystal Rain Feminized Cannabis Seed is a crossbreed marijuana strain between the White Widow variety and the well-known producer Northern light plant. This weed is a bushy marijuana plant that has sweet aroma and a fast acting high effect. Ordering feminized Crystal rain marijuana seeds is a good idea if you want to experience a good harvest because feminized marijuana plants will give you the flowers that you want.

The Crystal Rain Feminized Cannabis marijuana seeds will give any of its growers a cannabis plant which contains sticky sprouts and shaggy leaves. You can grow the Crystal Rain Feminized Cannabis seeds with your own choice; it can either be grown indoors or outdoors. In planting the weeds try to be very cautious with every detail of your growing technique. Within the 8-9 weeks of waiting, the outcome will vary on how you treated Crystal Rain Feminized Cannabis seed.

Quantity : 10 seedsFlowering Period :8-9 weeks
Type : Indica – sativaHarvest :End of September
Climate : IndoorStoned: Super High
Yield : 400 grams/plantTHC level :strong 15% – 20%
Height : 70 cmGrowing : easy-moderate

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The Crystal Rain Feminized weed seed is a marijuana variety that comprises muggy buds and bushy leaves. Within the 9 weeks of waiting, the outcome will be 400 grams per plant. This Crystal Rain Feminized cannabis seed has a sweet scent that can be easily grown outdoors. Purchase your marijuana seed for sale and experience an sweet kind of high. Crystal Rain Feminized weed seed is a hybridize marijuana strain between the White Widow variation and the renowned producer Northern light plant.
If you are considering purchasing pot seeds then you can order from us. We will assure you that our marijuana strain seeds are of high class and fresh. The shipping and delivery will be sorted out after you verify your mailing address. Nonetheless we will make sure that your cannabis marijuana seed will be sent to you in no time.

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