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Crushed Grapes Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Crushed Grapes Strain is a cannabis kind that has grown in popularity due to its unique flavor and strong effects. Crushed Grape’s sweet and delicious flavor is well known for promoting relaxation and happiness and has been a well-liked selection among cannabis aficionados looking for a sweet and potent strain thanks to their distinctive flavor and intense effects. Crushed grape is also known for their medical advantages, including pain relief and inflammation reduction, in addition to their delectable taste and strong impact. Looking for a cannabis strain that is both tasty and effective? Visit Mary Jane’s Garden and try the Crushed Grape Strain. It’s the ideal option for individuals wishing to unwind and relax after a long day, thanks to its distinctive grape and berry flavor and strong sedation and bliss. Take advantage of this flavorful and potent strain; try Crushed Grape Strain right away!

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What is Crushed Grapes Strain?

Crushed Grapes Strain is a cannabis variety renowned for its unique flavor and strong effects. Purple Urkle and Grape Ape, two strains famous for their fruity flavors and calming qualities, were crossed to form this hybrid strain. Feminized Grapes from Crushed The 100% Indica strain of marijuana is distinguished by its distinctive flavor, aroma, and appearance. With a massive THC content of 15–25%, this marijuana strain will give you a powerful physical high that will keep you company for hours. Short-flowering plants of the Crushed Grape Feminized strain provide an average amount of good-quality buds. This cannabis kind features enormous, dense buds and curly green leaves. These leaves frequently have crimson or purple tints depending on the genotype. The flowers’ copper-colored pistils catch the eye. It is famous for recreational and therapeutic cannabis users due to its unusual look, fruity flavor combination, and cerebral high. The effects have medicinal qualities that help ease bodily ailments, including muscle spasms, depression, stress, and others. It should be noted that while the procedure may not be straightforward, this plant is best suited for growers with experience and training.


Crushed Grape is a unique and alluring strain for those who prefer sweet and fruity flavors because of its sweet, fruity, and slightly earthy fragrance.


A cannabis strain called “crushed grape” is renowned for its unusual flavor, which combines sweet grape and berry flavors. The presence of certain terpenes, fragrant molecules found in some plants, including cannabis, is mainly responsible for this flavor profile.


The unique appearance of Crushed Grape cannabis is distinguished by its dense, vibrant buds draped in a covering of frosty trichomes. Crushed grape buds are typically medium to big and have an oval or spade shape.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Purple Urkle x Grape Ape
Strain Dominant: 100% Indica / 0% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.3%
THC Content: 15- 25%
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Crushed Grapes Strain Growing Information

Growing Crushed Grapes Strain might be difficult for beginners. A substantial yield of medium-sized blooms is produced by this short, bushy shrub throughout its flowering phase, which can last up to 7-8 weeks. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation of Crushed Grapes Fem is possible. It is simple to grow indoors because it rarely grows taller than 4 feet and has strong lateral branches radiating from the primary stem. When in its vegetative stage, the temperature should be at least 10 degrees lower at night than it is during the day. In an early stage, this procedure drives the plant to flourish in a brilliant purple and blue tint. The strain is typically resistant to both pests and plant diseases when grown outdoors. Given that they are grown in sunny, warm, and humid settings, growers can anticipate up to 2.5 oz of ready-to-smoke or vape buds per square meter by October, but they will require significantly colder temperatures at night.

Crushed Grapes Strain Medical Benefits

Crushed Grapes cannabis is a great recreational strain and a big advancement in the medical cannabis industry because of its potent effects. Crushed Grapes Strain is certain to provide relief to those who suffer from pain-related ailments. The strain’s analgesic effects can be used to treat people with joint pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and chronic pain. It causes the body to become numb and provides users with a pain-free sensation, enabling them to function and continue about their daily lives. Additionally, the strain has a strong sedative effect that makes people feel sleepy after a time of using it. With the Crushed Grapes, those who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia will finally have a long, joyful night of restful sleep.

Final Thoughts

Crushed grape feminized cannabis strain, a well-liked cannabis kind, is renowned for their unusual flavor and strong effects. It’s a fantastic option for individuals trying to relax and unwind after a hard day because of its berry and grape flavor and calming and euphoric effects. Due to its medical advantages, it is also a well-liked option for people seeking relief from chronic pain and inflammation. The crushed grape can be an excellent addition to any cannabis enthusiast’s toolkit. Cheap Crushed Grapes Strain Feminized marijuana seeds are available from Marry Jane’s Garden, and you can order them whenever you like! You can expect to receive top-notch weeds that are perfectly consistent from us, and we may provide lower costs for large purchases. Get the Crushed Grapes Feminized Strain seeds you choose from Mary Jane’s Garden if you desire premium and high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crushed Grapes Strain Indica or Sativa?

Crushed Grapes Strain is a hybrid strain that leans heavily toward Indica and contains just enough Sativa to keep the high energetic and smooth.

How strong is this strain?

This strain is a powerful cannabis variety renowned for its strong relaxation and pleasure. With THC concentrations ranging from 15 to 25 percent, it is typically regarded as a high THC strain. This indicates that it has the potential to have powerful impacts.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Crushed Grapes Strain feminized seeds are not advised for novice growers because to the high maintenance needs.

2 reviews for Crushed Grapes Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. M. Finkbeiner

    Ohhh! This is a difficult plant to cultivate for such a newbie, but it is absolutely gorgeous to have in my small garden. It produced a lot of high yields after only 8 weeks of growing. It has a natural sweet grape flavor that is really enjoyable to smoke. Well, I prefer smoking this at night since it provides me with a relaxing experience and helps me to overcome my insomnia so that I can sleep soundly every night. This store is absolutely outstanding! If you’re looking for high-quality seeds, you’ll find them here! There are no regrets!!

  2. Antoinette Birch

    This strain was with me and helped me to ease the pain that I felt. The good staying power of this strain has removed the discomfort and depression. This indica surprisingly built a confidence and an excitement into me, that is why now I am socializing with other people unlike before, I was just scared to talk, too many thoughts are coming into my mind, making me more stressed and anxious. This is such a great help! I really love the flavor of this Crushed Grapes, a more intense flavor of sweet-grapes and earth when consumed. The aroma is the same as the flavors of this strain. In just 8 weeks this strain will give you an excellent yield of thick buds that are covered in thick cream-colored trichomes, that surely will leave you MOUTHWATERING!!!!

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