Critical Blue Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Critical Blue Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa strain that can grow up to 300 cm high. Because of its size, it is able to produce good yields up to 1900 grams per plant outdoors. It has high THC at 21 percent which makes it very energetic, uplifting, happy, and stimulating

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More About Critical Blue

Desirable Blueberry Hybrid

Critical Blue is a feminized hybrid that assures a pleasing body of high experience. Having a 14 to 19% THC level, it will definitely provide a calming and relaxing effect without any great drunkenness feeling. Critical Blue is an Indica-dominant strain that gives a euphoric high with a boosting and relaxing sensation that will stay in your mind as well as in your body within a couple of hours.

Critical Blue usually grows into a dense and small-sized plant that catches everyone’s attention upon staring at it. In either indoor and outdoor setups, bountiful yields will surely come your way. In a controlled setting, a suitable medium to use is hydroponics. After nine weeks of the flowering period, with an optimal condition, it yields as much as 400 grams of buds each square meter. Using organic soil is also essential when it comes to maximizing its yield. While growing it outdoors, a natural sun exposure, the plants could produce as high as 750 grams of gluey buds per plant.


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