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Corona Kush Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Corona Kush combines the two unidentified strains leading to a true masterpiece of the Indica. The earthy, earthy smell is a favorite in no time. You will experience the euphoria and tranquility that is appropriate for the tribute of your parents. Growers like how to be resistant to various crucial topics of cannabis in these seeds, making them ideal for growers for the first time. The results of a thick and pungent bud are excellent. This strain has both spades if you’re looking for quality or quantity.

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5 Seeds$65.00
10 Seeds$120.00
25 Seeds$240.00

Corona Kush Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica 

Genetics Parents: Unknown

Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks

Climate: Temperate/Continental

Yield:550 g/m2 indoor /900 – 1000 gr/plant per plant outdoor

Flavors: Skunk, Sweet, Citrus

THC Level:18-21%

CBD Level: 0.2-1%

Height: 100-150 cm

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Corona Kush Fast Version?

The Corona Kush works quickly; you do not have to wait long for the physical recovery to come through. Before starting with high gear, it begins gradually. It’s ideal for relaxation, but not if you have a long list of things to do. You are overwhelmed by the strong wave of hunger before you know it; your bones and muscles are starting to soften.

What are the Medical Benefits of Corona Kush Fast Version?

The Corona Kush is a powerful stress-relieving strain, which allows even serious stress patients to find a way to relax their nerves.

This is a powerful, indicative hybrid that can aid medical patients with a long history of chronic conditions with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Corona Kush may alleviate pain and can help ensure consistent relaxation, including joint aches and insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Corona Kush Fast Version

With your regular dry mouth and itchy eyes, the Corona Kush strain will make you feel slightly chilly. Smoking of this strain can cause other negative effects, including mild paranoia and slightly blurred vision. Smoking this strain can sometimes cause you to have a light migraine, often caused by dehydration.

How to Grow Corona Kush Feminized Seeds 

The Corona Kush is robust and resilient to several different climates. Decrease the temperature by the end of the flowering stage if you want a reddish-purple color of the buds. If you want to obtain the best production, you can use the Sea of Green (SOG) method. When plants mature early, usually in two weeks, feminized seeds are produced. This keeps them small and wants the plant to be shorter so that more plants can be grown in the same amount of space. Besides, this reduces harvest time, which is often advantageous.



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