Cinderella99 x Kali Mist Marijuana Seeds


Cinderella99 x Kali Mist Marijuana Seeds is a very stimulating sativa that grows tall and can produce the best yields. It is a good strain for outdoor growing and is very resistant to pests and molds. This strain is stimulating and energetic, just the best strain to use for pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. You will also love it’s very potent flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00


More About Cinderella99 x Kali Mist

Great Blend of Two Genetics

Cinderella99 x Kali Mist is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that came from its genotype Cinderella99 x Kali Mist. This strain has a THC content that ranges between 15 to 20%. It is a flavorful Sativa smoke that provides more to present, such as increasing your energy high that allows you to become more creative and mentally focused on your daily task. Having such a THC level will make you have high euphoric feelings but still able to do what you need to finish. You may also enjoy the fragrance that it gives, such as citrus, earthy, and spice through its flowers.

When it comes to growing this strain, Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist can both thrive in indoor and outdoor areas. It does not require other growing methods than the usual. However, equipment may need to be prepared, especially when you use the Sea of Green or the Screen of Green setup. Growing it a controlled indoor setting, under 600 watts of HID light, this plant could yield as high as 350 grams of great buds each square meter. Its flowering period usually lasts within nine weeks.

Cultivating it outdoors, this plant thrives more if you grow it in an area without any block, and it has acquired the right sun exposure. Having such a condition, each Cinderella99 x Kali Mist plant can produce at least 350 grams of buds, and it is ready to harvest during the last week of the month of September. This plant can also grow in colder areas, but the buds that it produces can be slightly decreased.


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