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Chunky Monkey Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Chunky Monkey Strain feminized cannabis is an Indica-dominant strain with a lively and beautiful appearance. This strain is especially prized for its high THC content, which provides numerous beneficial effects to its consumers. Numerous cannabis enthusiasts, both recreational and medical, are very fond of this strain’s fragrances and qualities. This plant’s trichomes are sticky and very concentrated, indicating a high THC content. This plant provides its users with the whole bundle. Purchasing marijuana seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden, we will send you the finest cannabis seeds of the Chunky Monkey strain available. We promise to supply marijuana seeds with a high rate of germination and of premium quality at reasonable costs. Check out what our devoted customers have to say about us on our user-friendly website.

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What is Chunky Monkey Strain?

Chunky Monkey Strain Feminized cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid consisting of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Users have learned to like this strain’s rapid onset of intense physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. Some argue that the Chunky Monkey is a hybrid between Fatso and Grease Monkey, but others assert that it is a descendant of Grape Ape and Banana Kush. Regardless of its ancestry, this strong strain has a THC content of 20%, which provides its smokers with both physical and mental stimulation. At first glance, Chunky Monkey Strain may appear to be an artistic advancement. Medium-sized and compact, the flowers of Chunky Monkey have a low calyx-to-leaf ratio, making them simple to cut. The leaves unfold, and pale orange pistils shape the buds. In contrast, the trichome coverage is the real show-stopper. Chunky Monkey is drenched from head to toe, and there is no disputing that this is a portent of his future potency.


Buds that have been properly cured emanate citrusy, mossy smells with a hint of moisture. In contrast, tearing up the buds yields sandalwood-like aromas.


On exhale, it provides a rich, sweet flavor with a delicate creaminess evocative of a delicious piece of cake.


It has nuggets that form tight and compact buds, a structure typical of Indica strains. The tightly coiled leaves are the earthy hues of green and brown. The flower’s orange pistils, which emphasize the plant’s earthy tones, serve as its focal point.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Undetermined
Strain Dominant: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
CBD Content: Unknown
THC Content: 18 – 23%
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Chunky Monkey Strain Growing Information

The Chunky Monkey Fem strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is extremely simple to cultivate, thus beginning users are encouraged to experiment with this strain. The plant readily overlooks modest rookie errors. It grows best in warm, bright, and dry circumstances. It reveals its Indica makeup through its short, bushy plant, which may require trimming and pruning to improve air and light flow. The Chunky Monkey Fem blooming period lasts nine weeks, after which farmers can harvest an average yield of tasty buds. Although Chunky Monkey Strain Feminized seeds can survive in a controlled environment, producers should be mindful that the odour is powerful and difficult to conceal. Those who wish to cultivate Chunkey Monkey in this manner should consider making a reasonable investment in odor control. It has a more advanced growth when grown outdoors, but it is packed with benefits for any cultivator seeking a challenge! In 8 to 9 weeks, the Chunky Monkey cannabis strain provides a good yield.

Chunky Monkey Strain Medical Benefits

The medicinal benefits of The Chunky Monkey Fem’s high THC concentration is immense for individuals who prefer an organic approach to treating their medical ailments and symptoms. The euphoric high and mood-enhancing effects of this strain are certain to eradicate any bad memories and cynical ideas that may still occasionally creep into the user’s mind. These undesirable thoughts and memories are replaced with joy and a positive attitude. In terms of medicine, Chunky Monkey Fem’s Indica characteristics shine. With its analgesic characteristics that efficiently relax and quiet muscles and nerves, users can anticipate pain alleviation. Those suffering from chronic pain, joint inflammation, muscular spasms, and backaches will find relief in this strain, allowing them to enjoy a day without discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Numerous positive effects of the Chunky Monkey Strain include nonstop laughter, exhilaration, pleasure, relaxation, pain alleviation, and a desire to mingle. Overall, Chunky Monkey cannabis strain is an excellent strain for social occasions or when you need to unwind. Since it made us joyful, it is surely worth your time to watch Chunky Monkey. If you’re looking for the best online cannabis strain, go no further than Chunky Monkey Strain. In Bulk Orders, Mary Jane’s Garden guarantees that you will always receive inexpensive, pure Chunky Monkey cannabis strain seeds of the greatest quality. Wholesale cannabis seeds of the Chunky Monkey cannabis strain are always available for your enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chunky Monkey strain Indica or Sativa?

Chunky Monkey is a cannabis strain that is 70% Indica dominant, with Colombian and Afghan origins.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Yes, growing the Chunky Monkey strain is not a challenge.

Is Chunky Monkey a good Strain?

The cannabis strain Chunky Monkey Kush has unparalleled pain-relieving properties. You will be in a state of happiness upon first inhalation, especially if you are enduring the severe effects of chemotherapy. In addition to relieving pain, this Indica-dominant mix can also help you overcome sadness.

3 reviews for Chunky Monkey Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Calvin

    One of the easiest strains that I’ve grown, but this is way better than the previous ones! as I harvested it, I got loads of yields! The aroma is very pungent and smells much like a diesel with hints of chocolate! It gaves me so much comfort and happiness whenever I consume it, I recommend this very much!

  2. G. Boucher

    Ooh, dude! Actually, I recently placed a purchase for another 10 seed packs… I definitely don’t want to run out of supplies after my first harvest. I was amazed at how easy it really was to grow; it grows best in my outdoor greenhouse with little or no effort. It also produced massive yields in just 8 weeks. To me, it has a really natural and sweet scent! The flavor is fuller and more robust, with a woody aftertaste that tickles my mouth. Smoking this gives me a mellow vibe as if I don’t give a damn about anything! Perfect after-work or anti-depressant smoke… Thanks for the great service, MJGarden!

  3. Geraldine Glover

    This strain has never failed me!!! I grew my Chunky Monkey fem outdoors, even though I am a beginner in cultivating cannabis and I am anxious most of the time, thinking that I will grow this strain wrong, but thanks to this fem because this is such an easy strain to grow and the environment in us is just perfect for this strain, coz dude I am living in the sunny and warm climate….PERFECT! – Even this indica-dominant grows short but still this has offered me a great and outstanding yield. In which I just harvested in 9 weeks, dense and beautiful buds!! I do consider that as a healthy and successful germination. Thanks for this birthday present MJG!!

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