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Chrystal Marijuana Seeds is indica-dominant cannabis is a short fruity strain that grows only 90 cm tall but can produce good yields up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 750 grams per plant outdoors. This is a focused, happy, relaxing, and uplifting strain with diesel, sweet, and pine flavors.

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When you are looking for a marijuana strain that has the aroma of a sweet candy, then you should try Chrystal. It is the very combination of the famous White Widow cross with Northern Lights. Know that this marijuana plant is known for having bushy leaves and that it can be grown in either indoors or outdoors.

Chrystal is the strain that took the first place in the Dutch Highlife Cup in the year 2002.The buds of Chrystal is said to be large and sticky. They are covered with many THC glands and because of that this marijuana strain is called Chrystal.

When smoked, Chrystal gives a good cerebral kind of buzz and not a physical one. This buzz is said to kick in faster when compared to other marijuana strain. When Chrystal is grown outdoors, the flowering period will take 9 weeks and it will be harvested in the end of September.

The height of Chrystal when grown outdoors can reach up to 225 cm and will have a high yield of up to 700 grams per meter square. However, if Chrystal is grown indoors, it will only grow up to 110 cm and the yield will only be 150 grams per meter square tops.

Chrystal Growing And How To Buy Cheap

For many years, our online seed shop has been able to have many different seeds like Chrystal marijuana seeds for sale at very low prices. Here, you will be receiving seeds that have high germination rate when you order Chrystal marijuana seeds online from us.

You can order Chrystal pot seeds by mailing it to us or you can just buy Chrystal marijuana seeds online by visiting our website. We accept payment through bank transfer, credit card or cash when you order Chrystal pot seeds from us. Know that you will be receiving free marijuana seeds every time you completed a transaction with us.


Type : Regular
Yield : 600 / 700 (g/m²)
Height : Average height
Flowering : (55 – 65 days)
Climate : Mediterranian
THC Level : Medium
Cultivate : In and outdoor
Medical : No
Strain : Hybrid

6 reviews for Chrystal Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Oliver B.

    High quality strain! thick leaves with large buds gives fulfillment. Just right buzz to hyper your day. Sweet taste like kids eating lollipop.Mine grows well produce high yield. Not expecting it flowers less than 65 days. Great experience!

  2. Debbra Randle

    Surprisingly this strain is good, I never expected it. Its sweet candy taste and aroma it so is also great, it may not have any medical benefits but this strain is just perfect if you’re looking for a great high! The appearance of this strain is so nice in the eyes as it is very aesthetic maybe because of its crystals glad Idk it’s just so cute and very nice to look at.

  3. Karl Sy

    I have tested some strains before, but this one is excellent. It is one of the best weeds that I’ve ever grown. The yield is wonderful and has amazing buds. Its orange hair is so stunning during flowering season that you can’t afford to harvest it. I love this hit, I love this plant, I love it all. Buy for more, sure!

  4. Kasandra Omagle

    My boyfriend and I have been wanting to try a rare strain, so I bought seeds of Chrystal here in Mary Janes Garden. Got hefty plants and great yields. We tried this all weekend and we are very pleased. Very aromatic, and has a spicy taste with a hit of a diesel flavor. Makes your body tingly, and definitely causes the giggles. Satisfied customer here, expect my repeat order soonest.

  5. Elias Michaud

    chrystal has some very sweet flavors, it almost tastes like a very earthy candy. Nice light mind buzz, sort of like a mix of a psychedelic and cloudy high! Mary jane’s garden has some of the best lines out there! Very easy to contact and accommodate cust serv. has reliable shipping

  6. Chloe B.

    Super impressed with the great yield. As for the aroma and taste, I love how sweet it is. I take a puff off the Chrystal whenever I feel kind of down, it makes me happy and elated. Chrystal is one of my faves now. Gotta buy more next time!

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