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Cereal Milk Weed

Cereal milk strain has a perfectly balanced mix of Sativa and Indica strains in its lineage. It is one of the newer strains that has hit the market recently. A few pieces of information have been written about this cannabis strain, what we gathered were a few first-hand accounts and little bits of info collected here and there. To the people who have actually tried this hybrid, they describe the flavor to be of strawberry ice cream or even Cap;n Crunch milk. This 50% Indica and 50% Sativa strain is full of fruity flavors with creamy berries. And the high it gives is a mix of utmost joy and relaxation.

What is Cereal milk strain?

Being a new strain to hit the market in 2019, this strain is still a mystery to many users and even growers. This hybrid is reported to be bred in California by an unnamed group of gentlemen who has yet to release pertinent data about this hybrid. lots of information have yet to be discovered about this weed, like growing information, the actual lineage of the weed, and more others.

What is known though is that this hybrid packs a wallop with a 23% THC content. Some experienced users don’t find this strain too strong but it will give newbies an experience they can forget as this will give a potent high. The high that this strain provides is an incredibly balanced high with an energetic boost of creative thoughts coupled with a mellowing whole body high. The genetic lineage of Cereal Milk weed is that of crossing Snowman marijuana strain, which is a heavy Sativa type, and Y Life stain, which is a cross of girl scout cookies and cherry pie strains. As per accounts of people who have grown this weed, the buds from this hybrid are dark olive in coloration with streaks of minty green all over the plant. the hefty nugs are covered with dark hairs and trichomes. The people who have tried and experienced this weed speak highly about the unbelievable scent and taste of this cannabis. It boasts of fruity sweetness and delicious cream with notes of herbal flavors.

Cereal Milk Growing Information

This hybrid is extremely rare. Some insiders believe that this marijuana is cultivated by Cookies Fam, but these are unverified reports. It is still under very limited production. The anticipation among users and growers about this strain is increasing by the day and no one seems to know where to source out this marijuana strain. But since this strain comes from a lineage of Cookie and Cherry Pie, expect the plant to grow moderately with high yields, since both parent marijuana strains produce respectable yields. both parents are pest resistant and have developed an immunity to mold and mildew. This marijuana strain also prefers to grow in warm and temperate climates with average humidity and lots of sunlight. This will help the Cereal milk to branch out if given adequate space for it to grow.

Growing information for indoor

Again no info has yet to be released on the growth of this plant but taking a look at its parent strains, expect yields to be 12 to 14 ounces of bud per square meter and flowering time will take about 8 to 10 weeks. Giving cereal milk proper growing conditions will make any plant thrive. The advantage of growing indoors is that warming the temperatures, providing a fixed lighting schedule, adjusting humidity levels, and even providing proper nutrition may be monitored and controlled. these controlled conditions will provide the Cereal Milk with the best possible growing environment it can have.

Growing information for Outdoor

Growing the Cereal Milk strain outdoors may be a good option if you can provide it with a warm and sunny climate and humidity levels are above average. By growing plants outside, they are exposed to all the natural elements and there is an abundance of nutritional goodies available from the air, soil, and sun. If we are to base the growth habit of its parent strains, expect flowering to start in 9 to 10 weeks and expected yields may be a decent 12 ounces of fresh bud per plant

Medical Benefits of Cereal Milk Strain

The Cereal Milk strain was bred as a recreational weed, this is if we based it on the flavor profile of this cannabis and the effects it provides. But as with other hybrids, it will still offer some therapeutic effects as well. The perfectly balanced and potent high of this cannabis is indicative of its Sativa and Indica lineage. A general happy feeling coupled with a calm mind is offered to the user when consuming this marijuana strain. It also has energy-boosting effects that will keep the user on his toes. Stress and depression are usually the mental disorders that are treated when these effects are present as the uplifting properties and euphoric high will wash away any negative thoughts that may hamper the medical cannabis patient from performing his daily tasks. This strain will provide the upliftment to see the day through and make it a productive one. The calming effect of this marijuana will not couch-lock a medical cannabis patient but would provide a relaxing atmosphere while trying to concentrate on your tasks at hand. This calm demeanor will also relax the mind and help in getting rid of the negative energies that surround the individual. Stress usually occurs when people tend to think too heavily on a certain thought and that thought will bother them and can even make them feel depressed, thus that person is not able to function properly as the negativity is hampering his urge to move on. Aside from the calming effect of this strain, the fragrance of this weed may also aid in soothing any pain and aches the patient may feel. By being calm, the sweet delightful aroma will help ease any uncomfortable feelings you may have.

It is said that Cereal milk also induces appetite, making this weed quite useful for patients suffering from nausea or any other side effects of those undergoing chemotherapy, as the lack of appetite is a normal occurrence.

As with most hybrid marijuana strains, Cereal Milk is touted as a great option for medical use. The positivity she brings to the patients is extraordinarily helpful in easing their bouts with stress, anxiety, and depression. Physical conditions also find relief from this strain as aches and pains are soothed and total body relaxation is felt by the medical marijuana patient.

Cereal Milk Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

This weed is potent, just don’t mind the scent of it being children’s food. This strain will hit quickly and the immediate effect hits both the mind and body instantaneously. A feeling of deep calming relaxation creeps throughout the user’s body and this is coupled with a euphoric high that satisfies any marijuana user. this general feeling of happiness and mood upliftment washed away all worrisome thoughts that may invade the user’s mind, deeply relaxing him and leaving him to enjoy the high. Tensions in the body are eased giving way to stress relief. With a clear head, creative thoughts will completely occupy the users find, making this weed a very productive smoke, without feeling any effect of being heavy and lazy. It is the complete opposite and energies are revving and ideas are coming.

After a while, the user’s body will feel lighter and his feet are somehow lifted from the ground, and a continuous buzzing of energy is tingling through the entire body. These unexplainable feelings are when Cereal Milk eases all the tension and stress inside your body. With this continued cerebral high accompanied by the whole body high, expect to be continuously active as no sedative feelings will take over and couch-locking is the least of your worries. With this strain, since most of us a not quite familiar with it in general, it should be enjoyed low and slow. Enjoy taking the Cereal Mlk in small doses for that energy and mood-boosting effects. Some people who have taken to trying this strain swear that the cereal milk’s incredible balance of high, giving you a mellow mindset while dealing out energetic vigor. The creative juices inside a person will naturally come out, and this may be the strain for artists who are looking for that kick to boost their creativity along with a focused high to create their soon to be discovered masterpiece.

For cannabis connoisseurs who may enjoy this bud, it will provide them with the focused attention to go through their list of things to do with no hesitation, but it will give them a slightly sedative euphoric high which may interfere in proceeding with your tasks at hand as you may tend to just sit down and enjoy the trip while letting your creative ideas play around.

Final Thoughts

The Cereal Milk marijuana strain is full of unanswered mysteries. What little is known of this marijuana strain is that it has one of the most delightful flavors and aromas to ever come out of the cannabis market. Cannabis connoisseurs who have actually tried the strain rave about its creamy ice cream like flavor and aroma mixed with little hints of earthiness. Aside from its flavor and scent profile, this weed is talked about for the great balanced high it provides the users. A mix of positive uplifted high is coupled with a very mellowing hit that will induce creative thoughts within the user. As it stands now, teasers have been sent out to a few out there regarding the high and flavor profile of this strain, This is one of the most anticipated strains waiting to hit the bigtime market. When this does, expect this strain to be one of the most well-loved strains to be ever produced!

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