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CBDA: Properties, Uses, and Benefits

For a long period of time, cannabis has provided many benefits that a lot of people have enjoyed. This mysterious plant contains tons of chemicals that are responsible for different sensations as well as medicinal values that have unlocked possibilities to cure illnesses that have long been battled by humankind. CBDA is the most famous compound found in the plant that has proven many medicinal and therapeutic benefits that humans often neglect due to the lack of education and awareness.

The totality of the beneficial compounds found in the plant is not yet fully accounted for due to the lack of funding needed to further research and study the plant extensively. Some research but not many have already stated that the plant and its compounds, particularly CBDA shows potential and promise in curing many types of diseases without incurring side effects and potential health risk in long term use.

However, with the proper education and awareness, this cannabis plant, along with its effects and benefits, will provide a new source of natural medicines that can completely help the medical field as well as providing opportunities to expand which will provide a lot of jobs to all people across the globe.

A brief description of CBDA

CBDA is also known as a cannabis acid that is naturally present throughout the parts of the plants, from its stem, leaves, and especially in its flower. CBDA is a compound that provides the majority of the medicinal benefits of the plant; also, this compound does not have the euphoric element that makes the user high. This compound can be extracted and collected in the raw form of the plant, meaning heating, vaporizing, or burning is needed. In fact, heating the CBDA compound turns it into the substance that provides euphoric high.

CBDA Properties

As mentioned in the previous section, CBDA can only be found in raw cannabis plants; any exposure from extreme heat will automatically convert into CBD. Large amounts of CBDA can be found in the plant’s resins and also to the hairy like particles found in flower.

CBDA has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial elements that are relatively effective for patients with chronic pain or arthritis. This is also widely used to help eliminate nausea caused by medical procedures such as chemo.

The properties of CBDA changes abruptly when exposed to fire and heat, which then provides the sensations that recreational users seek.

The Medicinal and Therapeutic Benefits of CBDA

Due to the fact that CBDA is not as famous as the other compounds such as CBD and THC that are deeply focused on by users and growers, there are not enough studies as well as research that can deeply provide understanding regarding this compound. Most of the reported medicinal discoveries most come from user testimonials that caught the attention of some experts, which led them to study some of those benefits.

The following are the findings that some studies have revealed the benefits of CBDA.

CBDA A Weapon Against Cancer Cells

Although there are not a lot of scientific explanations as to why CBDA is effective against cancer, there are tests that were made to prove a point. At first, due to the cannabis effectivity as a painkiller, cancer patients started to use cannabis products as a relief from pain and nausea. However, after the use of cannabis, there was a significant improvement in the patient’s condition.

The tests showed that the exposure of cancer affected cells to cannabis compounds, particularly CBDA, decreases the ability of the destructive cell to continue morphing with the healthy cells.

According to the medical experts, the compound shows a lot of promise and must be further studied, so that they may synthesize the compounds to create a cure that may eventually kill cancer.

Anti-inflammatory Properties of CBDA

Not only that, it has noticed that CBDA is effective with cancer cells, it also has anti-inflammatory compounds that can be an aid to relieving pain from chronic injuries and also a great cure for people with rheumatism and arthritis. The CBDA has properties that target the root of inflammation, which gives relief to patients.

Effectiveness of CBDA in Mental Illnesses

Due to the relaxing capability of the CBDA compound, it can also reduce the tension and strain in the brain, particularly the receptors that continually give the feeling of anxiety and depression. The cannabis plant has been considered an alternative to chemical-based antidepressants and opioids that are addictive.

Where to Find CBDA?

The cannabis plant, as we all know it is a natural resource and a gift from mother nature. Also, since marijuana has been legalized in many states, it can already be found in most green shops and dispensaries. CBDA is legal; it is now being used in supplements that are created for different medical purposes; it is no longer hard to find.

When it comes to the source CBDA can be found in the raw plant itself, the CBDA vanishes when exposed to burning or combustion.

The good thing about CBDA is it does not only reside in the buds, but it can also be found in stems or leaves of the cannabis plant. So, basically, nothing is wasted in the plant. You can even make your own recipes or a CBDA rich garden salad.

Other ideas where you can enjoy and reap the benefits of CBDA is adding them to your regular juices or shakes. You may also use them as a type of garnish for your meals.


The rise of CBDA as an effective substance that may help in curing many diseases is already good news to a lot of people. If developed and studied properly, this can be a key to a widespread natural remedy to a lot of conditions.

It just needs to be understood more by conducting studies and research to fully maximize its potential. 

It is possible that once studies are frequently conducted for this compound, it will not only be a help to cure breast cancer, nausea, and vomiting. It is possible that it can save many lives in the future.

If you want to learn about CBDAs effects for your own benefit, you must remember that this compound can only be found in raw parts of the cannabis plant; once this gets exposed to heat, it will immediately be destroyed. The best way we can suggest is adding it to smoothies and salads for the best results.

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