CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Marijuana Seeds


CBD White Widow  Auto (1:1) Strain is the hybrid of White Widow XXL and Auto CBD strains. Because of the refined THC: CBD ratio of 1:1, this cannabis plant maintains all of the great qualities of parent strains and more manageable results. CBD White Widow  Auto (1:1) Strain has a fruity, tangy scent and taste and a soothing body high that is perfect for daily consumption. The high of this strain is insanely functional due to the abundance of CBD, which holds THC in control. This cannabis plant is ideal for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, but it prefers to grow indoors. CBD White Widow  Auto (1:1) Strain can reach 1.5 meters tall and grow thick, dark green shade leaves. When grown outdoors, the yield it offers is around 60 to 170 grams per plant.

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CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain Specification

Type: Hybrid

Genetics Parents: White Widow XXL x Auto CBD

Flowering Period: 6-8 Weeks

Climate: Mediterranean Climate

Yield: 400-450 grams (Indoors) 60-170 grams (Outdoors)

Flavors: Sweet, Flowery, Citrus, Fruity

THC Level: 5-8%

CBD Level: 5-8%

Height: 60-150 cm Tall

Harvest Period: All Year

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain?

The fruity, young, and floral aroma of this strain is complemented by citrus and tangerine notes. The delicate fragrance is complemented by a delightful bittersweet flavor with a hint of citrus, making the experience much more elegant. CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain doesn’t have the same effects as the original White Widow, renowned for its ‘buzzing’ and potent high. Instead, the 1:1 THC: CBD ratio produces a mellow, clear-headed high that is more physical than mental. A calming body vibration and rich medicinal advantages replace the toned-down psychoactive symptoms. CBD’s high concentrations can help to reduce stress and anxiety while also releasing deep-seated muscular tension. It provides a pleasant but delightful sense of calm that aids in removing negative vibes from the mind. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a gentler toke, as it only comprises 5% THC and half that amount of CBD. You can use it any time without fear of the looming symptoms of THC, such as brain fog and a hangover. However, since the clear-headed high inevitably leads to mild sedation, it’s better enjoyed as a nightcap after a long day of work.

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain?

Dispensaries often prescribe CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain to help people change their moods and relax. This cannabis strain helps people stay alert, awake and energized while reducing stress. It is also perfect for preparing the mind for sleep. Its CBD material makes it ideal for treating physical ailments, including chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis. It can also induce munchies by alleviating nausea symptoms and stimulating your appetite. This cannabis strain is also well-liked by artistic types like musicians and artists. They say it helps them keep their creative energy flowing while clearing their minds of negative vibes.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain?

Although the high CBD content outweighs much of THC’s negative effects, inappropriate doses can still cause paranoia and paranoia. Minor annoyances like bloodshot and dry eyes, and cottonmouth, are almost unavoidable but can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water.

How To Grow CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Seed?

CBD White Widow Auto (1:1) Strain has thick buds coated in icy trichomes, much like its ancestor. It has dark green, large leaves with small short internodes and numerous side branches that eventually develop into budding locations. Despite its small size, it tends to stretch horizontally overly. Although it does not need a large amount of vertical space, it does require a large enough growing area. As long as the environment is dry, warm, and sunny, this cannabis strain thrives best in outdoor gardens. Due to its small structure, it could also be grown indoors. This cannabis plant is extremely simple to develop, and even novices can achieve excellent results. It is strong and fast-growing, like many autoflower strains, and it takes just 10 to 11 weeks from seeds to harvesting. Indoor yields vary from 1.31-1.47 ounces for every square foot, while outdoor yields range from 2- 6 ounces for every plant. To increase the yield, you can use the Sea of Green technique. Even though this strain’s Ruderalis genes make it naturally sturdy and resilient, trimming the fan leaves to increase light penetration and airflow in the lower foliage is advised. It will promote bud development in the difficult-to-reach layers while also preventing mold growth.



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