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CBD Oil for Cats: Is it a Good Idea?

Cannabis is known to be one of nature’s best gift to man. It has provided us with countless hours of fun, creativity, relaxation, and different experiences. While it is highly beneficial to smoke weed and enjoy its perks, there is much to learn about its effects on animals especially to cats. There is a great concern for pet owners if it also has the same effects and benefits for cats. Knowing the safety of the product as well as how effective it can remain a very important aspect of choosing CBD oil for cats.

What is CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant is made up of many active compounds called cannabinoids. Few of the major cannabinoids include THC and CBD. CBD is vastly different from THC as CBD does not have any psychoactive effect meaning it does not get you high. CBD is also known to counter any psychoactive effect of THC making it a great way to experience the benefits and effects of cannabis without any alterations to the mindset of its user.

CBD oil is produced by incorporating oil and extracting the essence of CBD-rich cannabis and making it into a CBD-rich oil. CBD oil has much therapeutic value for humans such as relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Is CBD Oil For Cats Safe?

As a pet owner, it is our responsibility to know and understand how CBD works in animals. There is still little evidence that point out if CBD oil is indeed safe for cats however, with proper precaution, it is generally safe for cats to consume CBD oil. Cat owners who want to give their pets a safe way to treat certain conditions may have to carefully manage the use of CBD oil. One is to make sure that the CBD oil does not have any THC content in them as it can pose a risk to your pet.

Before introducing any form of substances to your cat, it is always prudent to consult your veterinarian first and see if CBD oil is best for your pet. Most holistic vets will evaluate your pet and see if the use of oil is good for your cat.

Some veterinarians oppose the use of CBD oil for cats due to the lack of supportive study but generally, it is well received that the use of CBD oil in treating your cat’s health issues can be quite effective. Pet owners should be mindful of the cat’s reaction upon the introduction of the oil into their system. Owners must be on the lookout for gastrointestinal issues and sedation as signs of adverse effects on the use of CBD oil for cats. Owners must discontinue the use of the oil once the cat experiences such symptoms.

Another information that you should know is to never give marijuana to your cat. Marijuana and THC are very dangerous to your cat hence the reason why CBD is often used to improve your cat’s overall quality of life. The best form of CBD oil is when it is derived from the hemp plant instead. You can check out your local dispensaries and see if they offer hemp-derived CBD that comes in bottles so that you can see if they are safe for your cats.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil For Cats

Cats and humans have different anatomy and physiology however, we also share the same endocannabinoid system. This makes cats also susceptible to the wide array of benefits that CBD offers to humans. Not only does it help improve your cat’s mood, but it also eases many different signs and symptoms and can even help you uncover underlying issues with your cat’s health.

CBD oil is a great way to relieve chronic pain in cats and other animals. Since pain and swelling are regulated by the vanilloid receptor, CBD blocks the receptor thus disabling it from working. By blocking the receptor, this prevents the entire system from producing chemicals that lead to swelling and pain. It also slowly relieves the pain felt by your pet. With this effect, cats are now free from painful conditions such as arthritis, nerve-related pain, neuropathic pain, and even intestinal inflammation.

Psychological issues with your cat can be caused by different factors such as hormonal imbalance. Cats are also susceptible to anxiety and depression. Hormones help regulate the way cats sleep, eat, and act around humans and if these hormones are not properly processed, they become fearful, anxious, and can be very difficult to manage. Through the use of CBD oil, these hormones are managed properly thus controlling and reducing anxiety and depression in cats. A stressed cat is not great for your home thus helping them experience less stress and anxiety will keep your household more conducive for your pet to live.

CBD oil also helps improve the skin and coat for your cat. Apply a decent amount of CBD oil into your cat’s coat to make it softer, fuzzier, and shinier. Any form of skin allergies and conditions are addressed with the use of CBD oil. CBD oil is helpful to your cat’s overall well-being and allows them to be free from any form of stress and other health issues. It steadily improves their mood, provides energy and gives you and your cat more time to spend together.


When it comes to using CBD oil for cats, always make sure to consult your veterinarian first and foremost. They will make sure that you have the best resolution for your cat’s health issue. Using the right dosage of CBD oil for cats is imperative as overdosing can bring more harm than good to your pet. The rule is to give 1mg to 5mg for every 10 pounds of your cat’s overall weight. This should allow them to fully absorb the oil and still safe enough for them to use. From there, you can slowly increase the dose if there are no improvements to the issue however, everything boils down to consultation from your vet before doing anything else.

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