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CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum: Comparative Guide

The cannabis industry, as we all know, is now a growing and thriving industry, especially in the United States and Canada, due to the laws that were passed to legalize it. Many supplements and edible products have also started being sold in green shops as well as dispensaries. Due to its popularity and variety, you may encounter terms that are unfamiliar such as CBD, THC, CBDA and CBD isolate vs Full spectrum. In this article, we will strongly focus on the latter by defining the difference between the two, as well as their effects and purpose.

If this is your first time in encountering the term CBD Isolates, it simply means CBD concentrates. This has concentrated levels of cannabinoid, which also provides the maximum effectivity and benefits in terms of its medicinal values. The CBD isolates are synthesized properly, whereas all the psychoactive ingredients are removed, which means this compound will not give the occasional high that other compounds provide. The isolates are purely used for medicinal purposes alone.

CBD Isolate Defined

As mentioned in the text above, CBD is a concentrated compound that does not contain anything but CBD; it does not have any other psychoactive materials or any traces of other intoxicating ingredients that are normally found in a cannabis plant. 

The CBD compounds are collected and extracted from the weed plant and carefully separated from other compounds inherent to the plant itself. This is a meticulous process that is being done as each component that is extracted from the plant needs to be separated or sorted in order to attain the CBD isolate.

As you go along with your cannabis journey, you may also encounter the term “Full Spectrum”, this means that during the process of separation and extraction, CBD and other elements of the plants are kept while the intoxicating compound THC is being eliminated. As we all know, there are hundreds of compounds in the cannabis plant that are beneficial to the human body, which is why other elements other than CBD are kept to maximize the plant’s full potential. Since THC is removed, there should be no worries of the occasional high.

Full Spectrum Defined

Full-spectrum CBD may also be known as the “whole-plant CBD” (just in case you encounter the term), this only means that full-spectrum items or products contain not only CBD but also other elements that are found beneficial in the plant such as Terpenes, these are responsible for the plant’s aroma and flavor and also to the essential oils are left in the formula to provide therapeutic benefits.

Since full-spectrum products are already out and about, there is no secret that this product is not perfect yet. It has already been proven that there is a small trace of THC in the products but does not worry as its level is not high that will give you any psychoactive activity. The contents of the full spectrum products are leaning more on the balance and harmony as it provides all the medicinal benefits as well as the therapeutic properties of the plant.

The full spectrum CBD contains only the allowable percentage of CBD that is proposed by the law, anything that exceeds the minimum is already considered illegal and prohibited in the market. As well all suggest in the community, you must only purchase from manufacturers and sellers that follow the strict rules and policies.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum

As both of the terms are already clearly defined in the text above, we will now tackle the difference between CBD Isolates and Full Spectrum CBD. There is a huge difference between the two that you should always take into consideration, especially when you want to obtain the best medicinal results and benefits.

Here is a rundown of the main differences on CBD isolates and Full Spectrum CBD:

CBD Isolates

  • 100% CBD, no other compounds included
  • No traces of THC, Terpenes or essential oils
  • Full-blown purification process to ensure purity
  • Provides CBD effects only

Full Spectrum CBD

  • Contains not only CBD but also Terpenes and other compounds to ensure balance
  • Has lower levels of THC to provide harmony
  • Less processing than CBD purifying process
  • Can be used together with THC based compounds

Now that we fully understand the differences between the two compounds, we must clarify that CBD isolates do not have a much higher effectivity rate that is just based on its concentration. This area does need further research in order to be proven. As for the full spectrum products, this has already been proven to provide a wide variety of effects and benefits as well as it’s famed balance and harmony that it gives to users. Due to the traces of THC, these products still provide a slight entourage effect.

CBD as a whole has already proven and certified medicinal benefits as well as therapeutic properties that already helped a lot of patients to attain cure and improvement in their conditions. This can attest that the cannabis plant is very beneficial and has positive outcomes that can change the medical field.

Although CBD isolates are the go to compounds that people prefer since they do not contain any traces of THC, there must also be an acknowledgment with the full spectrum categories as it also provides other benefits that isolates cannot provide.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum Summary

Due to the fame and legality of both CBD isolates and Full Spectrum products, this resulted in a lot of products being sold and produced in the market. As a consumer, you must be wise in choosing the product that you will be using. It will not hurt to conduct research for the product first as well as getting feedback from the community. This will ensure that the product you will be using is safe and effective.

Due to a lot of products, as mentioned earlier, the underlying problem is the proper regulation and distribution process. Some unapproved products may slip through the cracks. That is why research must be done not only about the product alone but for the manufacturer itself.

In choosing the correct compound for you, do research, get feedback, and be responsible for reading the label. This will ensure that you get the best effect without spending too much money.

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