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CBD for Psoriasis: Does it Work?

CBD on psoriasis has been a debate for several years, but due to the technological advancement that has been enjoyed by everyone, it has been proven to be very useful. It is a common fact that the cannabis plant has already proven its capability to provide mental relief due to its effects on the brain’s receptors. Also, its compound, namely CBD, has proven itself to aid other physical and mental illnesses such as arthritis, rheumatism, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and many more. The majority of people know that it stops there. But it does not, did you know it is also an effective cure for skin problems? CBD for psoriasis, does it work? Find out by reading the article below!

There are already clinical trials that have been conducted for CBD oil-based skin products across facilities and universities across the United States. The tests and studies have proven its potential by showing significant results far more than the steroid-based products out in the market. But before that, here is information on the most dreaded skin diseases that are terrorizing many people not only in the US but also across the world, read on to unveil the effectivity of CBD to psoriasis and other skin problems.


This is another type of skin condition that causes inflammation and the abnormal production of new skin cells. Since this condition is the rapid production of skin cells, most of these cells do not reach their maturity stage which is why when they appear it often depicts a red patch accompanied by a white scale which looks like heavy dandruff but worst as it also has symptoms of swelling, red patches, and itch.

Other Skin Problems

The majority of skin conditions are evident not only to one part of the body, but it can affect the whole body. These skin problems include skin asthma, skin allergy, eczema, acne, cold sore, hives, contact dermatitis, and many more. These conditions are defined by dry skin and itchy feeling. The skin is inflamed, and red patches appear, causing wounds and irritation to the body. Typical patients are composed of older people as well as young kids.

Effectiveness of CBD for Psoriasis

Way back from your science class and biology class, every cell in the body has its receptors. Due to this fact, the effectiveness of CBD in the body is astonishing. Since CBD has medical properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and relaxation aimed at the body’s receptors, the CBD immediately targets the inflamed receptors causing them to behave and relax, which in return provides relief and improvement on the conditions of the patients by reducing the itch, inflammation, and relieving the pain. The compound also alleviates the lack of sleep, depression, and mental effects caused by psoriasis.

CBD on Immune System

Psoriasis and the majority of skin problems are autoimmune types of diseases that create unnecessary immunity in the skin. This means that when the skin is exposed to soaps, lotions, and other skin products, the skin reacts and creates its immunity against these mentioned products. This is where CBD takes into effect, the anti-inflammatory effect of it does not allow the skin to be unnecessarily inflamed.

Uses of CBD Based Skin Products

CBD based supplements and products are already available in the market; they can be in oral form or skin applications, which can be very helpful with patients that are affected with psoriasis and other skin problems such as skin asthma, eczema, and fungal infections. However, a list has provided choices that you can try out for yourself.

Cannabis-based Lotion

Due to the legalization of cannabis-based products, many available popular products are cannabis skincare products in forms of lotions and ointments. The direct applications of these skincare products are effective in helping the skin to become more relaxed and less reactive, disallowing it to involuntarily be inflamed or swell. And like any other lotion, it provides moisture and softness to the skin, which will improve the physical state of the damaged skin.

Cannabis Ointment

Cannabis ointments are very effective\ all because of the balanced combination of natural ingredients that helps wounds, swelling, and peeling of the skin caused by psoriasis and other mentioned skin problems to heal faster as well as the prevention of infection.

Cannabis Soaps

As for cannabis soap, these are effective in removing bacteria and prevent the skin from reacting. The cannabis in the soap prevents the skin from unnecessary production of immunity. The soap soothes and relaxes the skin and leaves it soft and improved.

Things to consider before using these products

  • CBD lotions, creams, ointments, soaps, cannabis hair products and topical must be alcohol and paraben-free and must be all-natural
  • The product must be dermatologically tested
  • Properly licensed and registered
  • Properly distributed pursuant of legal regulations

Things that you should consider

CBD for psoriasis: Does it really work? Case in point, it does work, even more effectively than the chemical-based and steroid-based topical products in the market. Compared to the chemical-based products, more and more people are already leaning on all-natural or organic products as they have already seen the results, and also due to its natural state, it is much safer than applying chemicals on the skin.

Due to the composition and capabilities of the CBD oil, CBD compound, and the cannabis plant, a lot of products in the market are already incorporating this compound in their formula in hopes of providing better and sustainable products. As these products and options are being produced, there is a beaming hope for people who suffer these kinds of skin diseases and also provides a possibility of being completely cured and freed from these sufferings.

Also, this is a good way for growers as well to make their businesses thrive more and more as the demand for these products increases overtime. As the industry progresses towards growth, there is a huge opportunity for them to also hire more unemployed friends and relatives.


The rise of CBD in the medical field, especially in the dermatological aspect brings a whole new game and a whole new excitement for researchers to study more about this compound, its effects, its benefits, side effects, and its totality. By doing so there is a lot in store for all of us in terms of new medicines that will surely help the society, who knows, this may be the complete cure for psoriasis and other skin problems. CBD for psoriasis is indeed safe and effective.

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