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CBD for Anxiety: Is It Really the Cure?

Sweaty palms, racing thoughts, and a faster-beating heart are just some of the signs that you can manifest when having an anxiety attack. All these signs can be so devastating to your daily life. CBD caught the spotlight and is now highly regarded as a corresponding or another remedy for anxiety. 

As more and more people use marijuana both for recreational and medicinal use, more and more other people turn to cannabis while hoping it can help them manage anxiety. The scientific studies and clinical trials that were done for confirming the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety are still sparse. Although, the experts shared some interesting discoveries they found.

Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

Doctors often advise a combination of things as a treatment for anxiety. These things can be therapy, medicines, meditation, or exercise. CBD does not look like a very effective cure for anxiety in the eyes of doctors, but it may relieve the symptoms. You can experience long-lasting relief, and the results will be better if you combine cannabis with other remedies for anxiety.

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from hemp or a marijuana plant. Regardless of where the CBD came from, it will never come together with THC and get you high. Some CBD oils are THC-free. Others may still contain THC but less than 0.3%. Those CBD products that contain THC will not make you high. Instead, they offer extraordinary therapeutic benefits such as anxiety relief, relaxation, improved sleep, and pain relief. 

Of course, every person will react uniquely when taking CBD. Hence, while CBD can significantly reduce the anxiety levels of a person, it may not be as effective as that for somebody else.

How to Consume CBD for Anxiety

If you’re wondering if CBD can help you fight anxiety and how it can change your life for the better, then you have to educate yourself beforehand. CBD can be consumed in various methods, and you need to understand each of these methods to see the right consumption technique for you. 

Oils and Tinctures

These CBD products come with a fast, easy, and faster way of consuming CBD. However, tinctures often contain CBD in the alcohol-based formulation. CBD oils, on the other hand, contain extracts combined with any carrier oil like coconut oil. 

Oils and tinctures should be taken with a dropper that lets you measure the amount and ensure the dose is correct. The cannabinoids present in these CBD products will quickly enter your bloodstream if you take them sublingually. Rest assured, you will feel something in just 10 minutes. That soothing feeling will last from 3 to 4 hours.

Vape Oils

CBD can be vaped by using a specialized pen that will vaporize the CBD oil. Security issues always go with vaping. A severe lung condition called EVALI or VAPI led to the hospitalization of over 2,000 persons and the death of 42 patients. 

The National Centers for Disease Control has revealed that the majority of these cases were associated with the use of THC vape cartridges contaminated with tocopheryl-acetate or vitamin-E oil. These cartridges are available in grey markets. 

The CBD vape cartridges available in the registered and licensed marijuana dispensaries are vastly regulated. Their counterparts that you can buy from the grey markets are entirely unregulated. If you still choose to buy from the grey markets, do it with extra care. 


CBD can also be mixed with almost any kind of food. Weed-infused edibles are easy to consume and usually mouthwatering, especially the gummies. However, they may take one hour or even longer before you can notice any result. 

Besides, the oral bioavailability of cannabidiol can hinder its absorption. If you consume it orally, it needs to pass over the GI tract before your liver can metabolize it. Due to that, just a small amount of CBD successfully enters your circulatory system. CBD edibles are widely available in the state-registered adult-use market. 


This ingestion method gives a nearly instantaneous technique for experiencing the healing effects of cannabidiol. Smoking will send the cannabinoids straight to your lungs. From here, the CBD molecules will go to your bloodstream for fast absorption. However, measuring your intake of CBD can be difficult if you smoke. Smoking itself triggers lung inflammation.

Dosing CBD for Anxiety

Different studies were conducted to determine how effective CBD is in treating anxiety. In a study held in Japan, the participants 300 mg CBD to be taken every day. However, the outpatients who joined another study in Colorado got 25 mg CBD. As you can see, the dosages differ. 

Experts said the reason behind it is that there’s no recommended general dose for CBD. Besides, there are no large-scale clinical tests until today that tell people the right dose for CBD. The FDA is still learning everything about CBD, especially its cumulative impact on the human body. These things will help the said agency in regulating CBD. 

It does not mean cannabidiol is unsafe. Studies suggest that CBD is more likely a safe and well-tolerated remedy. If you want to experiment with it to control or reduce your anxiety levels, then be extra careful when it comes to dosing. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Your weight
  • The concentration of cannabidiol
  • Metabolism
  • Your condition and its severity

CBD concentration differs from product to product. It is often shown in milligrams per container. Once you know how potent a CBD product you want to use, get a dosage calculator or any app that can help you find the right dose. A dosage calculator can give a suggested dose depending on your weight and how severe your condition. 

Likewise, body chemistry matters. Every person has different body chemistry that affects the way to react to CBD. Some patients metabolize medicines quicker than others. It may occur due to your lifestyle and genes. If your body metabolizes the medicines fast, chances are you will benefit if you increase the dosage. 


The signs of anxiety are curable. Medicines and psychotherapy have been the widely recommended remedies for anxiety. If you want to experiment with CBD for anxiety, be sure you tell your physician about it ahead.

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