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CBD Bomb: What is it and How is it Made?

Even if you don’t like bubble baths that much, an hour in a glamorous tub, soaked in it with warm bubbles, and good music in the background is hard to resist. But what is more interesting, for you and us bath-loving people, is the new trend: the CBD bomb. This is the hot cannabis hygiene product you can’t miss. Bath bombs claim various relaxant properties and other beneficial elements. But the CBD bomb or CBD bath bomb is much more. So, let’s go and start exploring what a CBD Bomb is and how it is made.

The Power of CBD and CBD Bombs

CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound (cannabinoids) produce by our cannabis plant. It is different from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that’s responsible for providing a high effect. So when we think of marijuana or cannabis, we usually think of its THC effects. CBD, on the other hand, provides various medical properties without the toll of being high. It is as potent as THC, but only in its medicinal effects.

CBD bombs are not called so for anything. If it is an entirely new concept to you, it is a small soap ball that you can dissolve into your tub’s bathwater. CBD bombs will produce a stunning explosion of colors and soapsuds and turning your bathroom into a relaxing and aromatic space. So, in simple words, it is a cannabidiol-filled bath bomb!

There are numerous, hundreds of them, studies that show promising effects of CBD and how this cannabinoid affects our body. It can treat issues like pain and inflammatory conditions. Research has shown that CBD offers an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and neuroprotectant properties. And what’s better is CBD does not have the harmful side effects that are usually found in pharmaceutical drugs, which can sometimes come with them a bunch of possible risks! This is a much better choice for patients who are trying to work out a drug for chronic conditions that have no conclusive treatment or cure.

Our bodies produce its cannabinoids naturally through what is known as ECS or Endocannabinoid System. The function of ECS is to regulate various vital body functions. Things like appetite, body temperature, and even pain receptors are being monitored by ECS. So, when CBD is consumed to our body, in any manner of administration, it works with the body’s ESC.

When a certain virus enters our body, the Endocannabinoid System can produce cannabinoids and release them to tackle the problem, and CBD from cannabis can work with the ECS’s natural cannabinoids to improve the production of cannabinoids, making it powerful as an alternative medication for many conditions.

Specific Benefits of a CBD Bomb

A quality bath has its own merits and provides numerous physical and mental benefits. Not only do you get the advantage of having some relaxing time out from your everyday routine to be soaked in a tub of bubbles and steam, but you also get the advantage of the effects of essential oils that usually come with most bath soaps.

In 2017, there’s an interesting study by Loughborough University’s researchers, who looked at the effects of hot bathing in comparison with the benefits of exercise to our health. The study had fourteen subjects. Half of them were subjected to bike ride for an hour, while the other half to an hour-long hot bath soaking.

After the end of the trial, the researchers compared the number of calories both groups burnt and their level of blood sugar for twenty-four hours. And the results showed:

  • No doubt, the subjects who cycled had more calories burnt compared to those who soaked in a bath. Astonishingly, the soakers burned the equal amount of calories you can burn by walking for thirty minutes.
  • The peak of the soakers’ blood sugar was ten percent lower after a meal than those who cycled.
  • Most interestingly, this study suggests that the repetition of passive heat has the potential to contribute excellently to reducing chronic inflammatory conditions.

How does Bath and CBD Work Together

Though we only have this small-scale research about baths, and more research needs to be performed to be 100% accurate, it can only mean that the anti-inflammatory properties and anti-stress abilities of baths and CBD will be exponential when joined together, at least, theoretically.

Various anecdotal reports exist out there about the subject, and it seems that the consensus suggests that CBD bombs are your perfect additional bath element that offers not only a relaxing time and a good night’s sleep but also a healing experience. In regards to research, there’s nothing significant about it just yet because CBD bomb is a newborn compared to other popular and tested CBD products.

Furthermore, we know that the majority of CBD product brands offer CBD bombs that come with luxury lavender, essential oil, honey, and other beneficial ingredients. It means that the benefits you will be potentially getting from CBD will be complemented with other wealthy benefits from the ingredients these brands do add. It is also clear that CBD has the potential to alleviate inflammation in muscles, anxiety, and other chronic mental conditions. Plus, it offers a mild sedative effect that can turn you into a peaceful sleep in just a moment. 


In the final analysis, determining whether you will or will not give CBD bomb a try — given that significant large-scale research is still lacking — is up to your personal decision. But just like many products and alternative medicines in the area of medication and health, trying out products are inevitable and can sometimes be necessary to find out what works best for you and your condition. After all, the CBD bomb doesn’t do any harm. And since soaking in a warm bath is healthy, relaxing, and clean, adding to it a proven beneficial compound is worth your try. It is a natural compound that’s not addicting and has great potential with its healing properties.

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