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CBD and THC Together: Are They Compatible?

With the legalization of cannabis to several states and countries, the “green revolution” is no doubt spreading like wildfire globally, and it is receiving popular votes to the general public. Gone are the days where cannabis or marijuana is not acceptable in society. Though few countries and states have legalized it, the stigma is slowly breaking down.

Cannabis is an interesting plant that contains hundreds of cannabinoids, and among these, there are two major components. The CBD and THC together make up the experience we have in consuming marijuana.

If you are an experienced smoker, you already know that CBD and THC have different effects from each other as one delivers the high, and the other one works on the medical benefits.

Before we dig deeper into the relationship between THC and CBD, let’s get to know them first.

What is THC?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is known for giving cannabis or marijuana its psychedelic effects. In simpler terms, it gives the weed it’s high. Yes. It gets you high. THC rich strain will no doubt leave you dreamy with a smile plastered on your face. It can boost energy and creativity. 

It works by attaching itself to cannabinoid receptors that are found in many areas of the body, especially those who are associated with memory, thinking, time perception, coordination, and memory. It is found in the resin and is secreted by glands of the cannabis plant. 

What is CBD?                          

Cannabidiol or CBD is the other important cannabinoid found in a cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD will not give you the high that you expect from a marijuana plant; instead, it is more on the medical benefits. It does not deal with brain chemistry; thus, it will not let you experience any psychedelic effects. According to some researchers, CBD counteracts the effect of THC, which shows their relationship with each other. 

CBD and THC Together: A Perfect Combination

If you have been a cannabis consumer for quite some time, given that you have become knowledgeable with the weed, you already know the difference between THC and CBD in terms of their chemical structure, effects, and benefits. But has it ever crossed your mind if, by any chance, these two can actually work together?

Cannabis has been the subject of numerous clinical studies, and the good thing is by exploring further, many discoveries have led to breakthroughs. Recent studies showed that THC and CBD combined have a positive effect. We know that they already have great effects, but taking them both, together with other compounds found in cannabis, will lead you to a much better experience. This theory is called the Entourage effect. The entourage effect shows that all compounds in a cannabis plant work together, and they can produce a much better effect than they are taken separately.

It can benefit in many ways life it can help in the treatment of medical health conditions like anxiety, depression, inflammation, epilepsy, fungal infection, and cancer. 


CBD and THC are different in many ways:

  • Chemical Structure. They have a similar molecular structure, but they differ in how these atoms are arranged, which brings about the effects. The difference may seem small, but it matters especially on how they affect the body system.
  • Psychoactive components. They have different psychoactive effects. THC is known for its strong psychedelic effects, which can bring about euphoria. CBD also has psychoactive effects, but it is not as strong as THC. The psychoactive effects of THC are strong enough; that is why it is known to give you the “high”.
  • Medical Value. Both of these components have great medical value. They are effective against many medical conditions. THC is effective against pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, glaucoma, muscle spasms, CBD is best against inflammatory problems, mental disorders, migraine, nausea, anxiety, depression seizures.

CBD combined with THC

CBD and THC are different in many ways, and if you think that it’s not a good thing to mix them, well think again. For starters, studies have shown that CBD helps tame and reduce the unpleasant side effects of THC. The most known side effects of THC are hunger, anxiety, and sedation. CBD pacifies these side effects and makes them more manageable. For instance, THC is known to cause anxiety, while CBD can help treat anxiety.

What are the advantages of combining CBD and THC?         

These two compounds may be the opposite of one another but combine together; they complement each other. A study conducted to show the effects of combined THC and CBD gave positive results where subjects have a better sleep and less distortion. Another important study was conducted in 2019, where researchers with which ratio of THC: CBD will work best with each other, and the result showed that 1:1 is the best ratio of THC and CBD.

The biggest benefit that the combination of these compounds can give is more on the medical side. THC can suppress the appetite; CBD can increase the appetite. It is effective in dealing with pain management, deal with psychological disorders as well as improve sleep. 

Taken separately, these two have great benefits. They can have great effects and have very useful advantages. There are hundreds of strains of cannabis, and each is unique from each other. Some strains are high in THC or THC – rich strains and there CBD – rich strains or those who are high in THC. 

Though most studies regarding the compatibility of THC and CBD are in the infancy stage, it has already shown promising results that they are great working together and can bring about great benefits, particularly to the health as they are effective against several medical conditions.


CBD and THC together is a perfect combination. It’s like the opposite attracts. They work well with their specific functions, but when they are combines, they produce another effect that makes them better than their individual effects. CBD and THC together are a perfect match. Seems that they compliment each other, and that is good because cannabis consumers get to enjoy the benefits.

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