Bhang Recipe You Can Try at Home

Bhang Recipe You Can Try at Home

Bhang gained the notion that this is one of the conventional and respected types of cannabis edibles throughout the starting time. To a certain extent, bhang falls more in the “drinkable” category as the core recipe of it will result in a drink, but there are still some recipes that call for eating rather than […]

Understanding the Basics of Hotboxing

Understanding the Basics of Hotboxing

Whether you’ve ever wondered whether eating another little nug of all the exquisite joy you’ve just got home would have the same results as eating there, it would be no easy response. In general, potted herbs from woman weed plants have been smoked or burned up for the extent of the therapeutic and calming effects […]

Cannabis Entourage Effect: Comprehensive Definition

cannabis freshness hand marijuana

If you take a closer look at your weed buds, you will notice that it is covered in a sticky substance, shining speckles of resin and take note; this resin is very important as it contains tons of therapeutic/ medicinal compounds and substances that add to the overall benefits, effects, and potency of cannabis. Keep […]

15 Best Movies to Watch High

15 Best Movies to Watch High

There comes a time where you have a long holiday, and you have nowhere else to go. The best thing to do is to grab that weed stash of yours and get comfortably stoned at home. The second best thing to do is to order some food that you have been craving for the whole […]

CBDA: Properties, Uses, and Benefits


For a long period of time, cannabis has provided many benefits that a lot of people have enjoyed. This mysterious plant contains tons of chemicals that are responsible for different sensations as well as medicinal values that have unlocked possibilities to cure illnesses that have long been battled by humankind. CBDA is the most famous […]

What is Hashish and How is it Taken?

What is Hashish and How is it Taken

One of the most annoying parts when it comes to cannabis use is the terms used by many. For first time users, it might be overwhelming to know all of them at once. Of all the terms out there, Hashish is another term most people don’t know about. Hash or hashish is a type of […]

Is Mixing CBD and Alcohol a Good Idea?

Is Mixing CBD and Alcohol a Good Idea

CBD has recently taken the world by storm for its medicinal values. To date, there are many products that are derived from CBD, from oils, ointments, and many more. Alcohol manufacturers are even jumping on the bandwagon by making CBD-infused shots. However, the notion about mixing CBD and Alcohol is that, when a medicine is […]

Weed Hangover: How Can It Be Prevented?

Weed Hangover How Can It Be Prevented

Weed hangover is a common occurrence people hardly admit. It is because people don’t believe that weed actually causes a hangover. However, although there isn’t plenty of research conducted, if it causes a hangover, there are certain reports that lead us to the conclusion that weed hangover really occurs among smokers. So if you plan […]

How to Smoke Weed: Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Smoke Weed

Smoking weed is becoming a trend. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and there is no slowing down. There is a popular clamor among many individuals to use cannabis since its legalization to many states and countries.  People smoke weed for many reasons. Some would use marijuana for recreational […]

How to Make CBD Oil at Home

How to Make CBD Oil at Home

If you are one of the many enthusiasts of cannabis, you would already know that there are countless benefits to smoking weed. Cannabis has a lot of health benefits that target those who are sick and ill. The compounds known as cannabinoids are the main reason why we acquire such effects. Two of the main […]