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Cannabis Strains to Ease Your Pain

If you are dealing with chronic pain, then the odds are pretty good that you aren’t alone. Nearly 20% of the adult population within the United States reports chronic pain. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans report suffering from some sort of chronic pain in one way or another. As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade away with the onset of legalization over large swathes of the nation, more and more individuals are coming to realize the powerful benefits that marijuana can provide.

Today, we are going to set our sights on cannabis strains that can support your need for pain relief. We’ll explore a few of the best strains in the industry for pain relief while exploring why these strains provide potential relief to individuals in chronic pain.

Cannabis and Pain

The cannabis plant does much more than offer individuals advanced psychoactive experiences. More than just a way to let loose and have some recreational fun, the cannabinoids within cannabis can trigger certain receptors in the brain to reduce pain. 

Let’s look at the different types of pain you can experience and how cannabis can potentially fuel your relief.

  • Nociceptive Pain – This is the simplest form of pain to understand. Nociceptive pain is directly tied to a physical condition such as arthritis, injury, or surgery. This type of pain is commonly treated with an anti-inflammatory.
  • Neuropathic Pain – This type of pain is tied to the nervous system and can be caused by an injury. Specifically, neuropathic pain can be frustrating as it radiates outward and shows little reaction to anti-inflammatories.
  • Central Pain – The toughest pain to understand, central pain manifests without any type of physical injury associated with it. As this pain is hard enough to understand, much less treat, many individuals find themselves frustrated by a lack of progress.

As with all medical struggles, connecting with a licensed medical professional is the first step that you should take. If you find that cannabis is a potential match for your pain-relieving needs, keep on reading!

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

Through a combination of CBD, THC, and the right blend of therapeutic terpenes, individuals struggling with pain may potentially find relief from the right cannabis strains. 

Let’s explore five of the best marijuana strains to ease your pain. 

White Widow

A legend in the cannabis world, White Widow is revered across the board for its powerhouse Sativa properties and unique pain-relieving effects. Originally produced by the team at Green House Seeds in the early 90s, White Widow would quickly spread across the nation thanks to its jump up the ladder in the High Times Cannabis Cup competition in 1995. White Widow is a Sativa-dominant strain with average THC levels hovering in the low-to-high 20%.

Providing soaring energy on the front end, White Widow will eventually relax smokers as it helps them to stave off major aches and pains. As one of the most commonly used strains for individuals with pain and anxiety, White Widow can be the right strain to reach for when trying to address your minor aches and pains.

Northern Lights

If you are looking for a relaxing Indica strain that can shut down your body while numbing the worst of your pain, you might have found it in the Northern Lights classic. Northern Lights is an Indica strain with heavy couch-locking and body-numbing effects. Ideal for providing mental relaxation, Northern Lights works quickly to dull pain while reducing anxiety levels. 

Thanks to its massive popularity levels, you should never have too much trouble finding a decent cut of Northern Lights at your local dispensary.


If you are looking for a strain to jam music to while relieving your pain, you’ve found the right one. ACDC is a classic cannabis strain that is revered throughout the industry for its high levels of pain-relieving properties. Soaring THC levels combined with adequate CBD numbers provide intense pain relief from the outset paired with a significantly less psychoactive high.

ACDC is considered a hybridized strain with some Sativa tendencies, so you can expect this strain to work with you no matter the time of night or day. This strain is ideal for individuals recovering from an injury or otherwise looking to stay mentally active while hiding from their pain.


Dominant in both CBD and THC, Blueberry is a flavor-forward strain that offers pain relief with high levels of psychoactive relaxation. Blueberry is considered an old-school Indica with great effects geared toward insomnia and relieving tension. High levels of THC ensure that there is a recreational kick to this old-school classic, so make sure that you are ready to ride the waves of this high-THC strain.

Considered something of a ‘heady’ strain, Blueberry is an ideal strain to reach for when dealing with headaches. Blueberry can also work great to help stave off some stress or anxiety that you may not have even noticed thanks to its heavy bodily effects.

Harlequin CBD

If you are a newcomer to the world of cannabis and want to try something a little less psychoactive, you’ll find great bodily relief with a mild high through the Harlequin CBD strain. This is a low-THC, high-CBD strain that provides relieving physical effects conjoined with a comfortable heady feeling.

What makes Harlequin CBD a truly therapeutic option for individuals looking to attain relief is the complex effects profile reported by consumers all over the world. Harlequin is considered an ideal daytime strain as it has minimal psychological effects that pair well with its hard-hitting bodily relief. 

Thanks to the heavy CBD effects, some fatigue can be expected and, as such, individuals should avoid operating any machinery.

Harlequin is a great strain to treat individuals struggling with both central and nociceptive pain. Ideally, Harlequin can be consumed to address issues like arthritis, insomnia, or high stress levels.


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