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Cannabis Indica

Indica Marijuana Seeds Indoor And Outdoor

There are two different types of cannabis seeds that distinguish marijuana. These are Indica and Sativa. There are also different characteristics that are commonly used to distinguish each of these different types of marijuana. One of the most distinctive signs of a plant that is grown from indica cannabis seeds is they are generally short and the plant normally contains quite a bit of dark and thick green fan-like leaves.
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Afghan Feminized
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Amsterdam Indica
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Big Bud
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Black indica feminized
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Cannabis Indica Marijuana Seeds

The lifecycle of the indica marijuana plant is also quite a bit shorter until it reaches the stage of flowering, and it is also harsher. Marijuana plants that are grown from indica cannabis seeds tend to be well-resistent against various types of molds and pests, and they usually grow well in climates that are colder. The high that is produced is rather strong, as weed plants grown from indica cannabis seeds are known for having a high level of THC. Growers of these plants can generally expect high yields.

There are several different strains of indica cannabis seeds to select from, and just a few of these would include Afghan, Afghan Feminized, Amsterdam Indica, Azura, Blue Moon, Charas, Citral, Early Misty, Easy Rider, First Girl, Forbidden Fruit, Ganesha’s Dream, Hindu Kush, and various others.

What is cannabis Indica and what do the leaves look like when your ready to harvest the plants?

Until your plants are about four weeks into the growing cycle it will be difficult to tell the difference between the two kinds of plants to someone with the untrained eye. Sativa weed plants are thin and tall with long thin leaves and are usually grown outdoors due to the height being very high. The leaves can be long and thin while the bud when smoked gives you a high. When people talk about a high level of THC and an extreme stone they are usually referring to the sativa strain.

Sativa Marijuana Plants
(Sativa vs Indica)
Indica Marijuana Plants
(Indica VS Sativa)
-Thin and Tall -Wide & Short
-Euphoric Strong High -Relaxed High, Full Body Buzz
-High THC Content -Mid THC
-Thin & Long Leaves -Full and Shorter

Indica marijuana seeds and how you can buy them for growing your weed?

We have a large selection of cannabis indica pot seeds available for sale from some famous strains and breeders like Haze, White Widow, Northern Lights, Train Wreck and others. You can buy them online from our store with delivery to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries around the world. You will find cheap indica seeds as well as discount marijuana seeds from our vast selection that we have online.

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