Best Cannabis Chocolate Recipe to Try at Home

Making cannabis chocolate is very easy. The first thing you do for your cannabis chocolate recipe is to decarboxylate your weed, and this is for about 40 minutes. Then, dissolve your chocolate into a dense, velvety liquid with no lumps. Add your ground weed to your chocolate and stir properly. Pour the mixture into the molds, eliminate air bubbles and chill it for 10 to 15 minutes. Enjoy your dessert, and be responsible!

Cannabis and chocolate are made for each other. It is hard to increase on two of the most beautiful creations of nature, but it’s very likely to relish them more by mixing them. The best part is, besides cannabis chocolate is delicious, it is also super easy to make at your pantry.

Chocolate was used for centuries as a medicine, food, and even aphrodisiac. Also, it is considered as a psychostimulant and offers numerous health benefits when taken moderately.

Similarly, cannabis is also used for a thousand years as a medicine, an industrial crop, and spiritual help. Cannabis also has a wide variety of medical benefits.

We are well aware that cannabis and chocolates go hand-in-hand like Cheech and Chong. Hence, there’s a business for chocolate edibles that are increasing in popularity around the world.

Continue reading this guide to know the cannabis chocolate recipe and enjoy the maximum benefits from your delicious creation.

Advantages of Cannabis Chocolate

As though you want more inspiration, the following are the several excellent benefits of cannabis chocolate recipe:

Chocolate is a Healthy Manner of Enjoying Weed 

Cannabis chocolate and edibles are the wholesome way of enjoying marijuana as they remove the want or urge for vaping or smoking, which both carry detrimental effects. 

Cannabis Chocolate is Loaded with Antioxidants.

Marijuana is packed with compounds referred to as “flavonoids.” These are effective antioxidants that offer a whole range of potential advantages for the body. Also, chocolate is laden with nutritional supplements that make this cannabis chocolate recipe delicious and beneficial.

A few of the most notable chocolate benefits are stimulating heart health, and containing aphrodisiac compounds, while cannabis helps alleviate pain, anxiety, nausea, as well as other health problems. 

Cannabis Chocolate Recipe Tastes Like Heaven

We already know that chocolate is yummy, and it excellently complements the spicy, earthy tastes of marijuana. For the most delicious flavor, it is ideal to choose a cannabis strain with composite terpene profiles like Super Lemon Haze or Zkittlez. It all goes down to your flavor, so pick your favorite cannabis strain, and sure, you’ll feel like a champion. 

Cannabis Chocolate is Extremely Easy to Do

The cannabis chocolate recipe is so easy to make in your kitchen, and you only need a few pieces of equipment to start baking. So, if you are longing for a sumptuous and medicinal treat, check our cannabis chocolate recipe to start making your mouth watering cannabis-based sweets. We assure you will love your treats!

How To Make It

There are numerous different ways of mixing chocolate and cannabis. One of the best classics is the hash brownies, and cannabis-based hot chocolate is an ideal way to get warm during cold winter days.

But if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and exciting recipe to make, a cannabis chocolate recipe is for you. A few basic, pantry ingredients and equipment are needed to bake this cannabis-infused chocolate. It also needs a little skill to make this.

What You Need:

● 3–5g Quality Cannabis Strain

● 100g Dark Chocolate (minimum of 70% cocoa), cracked into little pieces

● Parchment paper for the decarboxylation and a baking sheet

● A saucepan

● A glass bowl

● A chocolate mold, an ice cube tray, or any similar

Step by Step Directions

Step 1: You Need to Decarboxylate Your Marijuana

Before starting making your cannabis-based chocolate, you must decarboxylate your weed. This process transforms the THCA and CBDA in the fresh cannabis in their more active types, CBD and THC. It may look like too much effort, but decarboxylating marijuana is worthwhile. If you ignore this stage and put your fresh marijuana in your chocolate, you will likely be upset about it.

The simplest method of decarboxylating cannabis is to pulverize it smoothly and scatter on the parchment paper on your baking sheet. Put your pulverized weed in the oven after preheating to 240°F/115°C and bake your product for half an hour. Check your marijuana and heat it for another 5–10 minutes, if needed. If it’s ready, it will be dried entirely and somewhat toasted in appearance, but not fried or torched.

After your decarboxylation is completed, set aside your marijuana and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Dissolve Your Chocolate

Look for a bowl that fits right in the top of your pan without touching the base. Fill an adequate amount of hot water in the pan to conceal the bottom; make sure it does not hit as high as the bottom of your bowl.

Put your cracked chocolate in the bowl, and put it above the pan. Put it on medium heat, so the water is stewing but not boiling too much. This “bain-marie” or “double-boiler’ technique of baking ensures that the chocolate will dissolve without searing or sticking to your bowl.

Keep mixing your chocolate until it dissolves into a dense, velvety liquid with no lumps and the take-off from the heat.

Step 3: Combine Your Pulverized Weed

Add your pulverized weed to your chocolate and mix well to make sure that it is spread evenly. If your weed is finely pulverized, then it will work better.

Step 4: Pour into the Molds

You can buy specially designed chocolate molds, or you can use universal ice cube trays. You can even make one big chocolate block and cut into squares in a hurry, but this is harder once the weed hardens.

Step 5: Eliminate Air Bubbles

Moderately drop your packed molds in your pantry counter several times to remove any air bubbles stuck in your chocolate mix. Don’t overfill your molds in step 4 so it would not spill.

Step 6: Chill Your Cannabis Chocolate

Put your cannabis chocolate in the chiller to set for about 10-15 minutes, but this may take a little longer depending on the chocolate you’re using and how low your molds are.

Step 7: Enjoy and Be Responsible!

After your cannabis chocolate is set, take it off from your molds and enjoy your treats. If you are a beginner to the cannabis edibles, be careful, it kicks a lot. One of these chocolates could be a lot, so you need to be gentle. Edibles also take about two hours to take effect, so don’t be naïve in thinking that they aren’t effective, and you will consume another one too fast. Believe in us, you’ll regret it!

Pointers and Tips for the Most Delicious Cannabis Chocolate Recipe

Making cannabis-infused chocolate has a lot of ways, and the recipe mentioned above is one of the easiest out there. To maximize the benefits of this cannabis chocolate recipe, you should follow the pointers and tips below:

Use the Most Delicious Chocolate You Afford

Using excellent quality chocolate can improve your cannabis edibles to another level with less effort. The best chocolate must only contain several ingredients such as cacao mass, cacao butter or lecithin, and sugar.

It is also ideal to use the best cocoa percentage you can buy to take advantage of the benefits of the chocolate. If your dark chocolate is too bitter, use white chocolate or milk instead. But these choices are less healthy, less delicious, and much less pleasing.

Soften Your Cannabis Chocolate for an Expert Finish

While reducing your chocolate is not 100% needed, it does increase the texture of your final product. Also, it decreases the chance of your chocolate “blooming,” which means that it sets with a matte finish and an unpalatable white spot.

To soften your cannabis chocolate like an expert, you need a food thermometer. Dissolve two-thirds chocolate, and then take it off from the heat. Add the chocolate remaining and go back to get together with your thermometer. When your temperature gets to 88–90°F/31–32°C, and the next chocolate group dissolved, it is softened and ready-to-use.

This process of softening works well with large amounts of chocolate, and 1 kg is ideal. Any remaining softened chocolate can be kept for later usage (if it lives that long).

Use These Weed Chocolate Variations

There will come a time that you get tired of your basic cannabis chocolate recipe, and so you can upgrade your treat and add some raisins, nuts, a dash of chili powder, orange zest, or popping candy. You can try testing different textures and tastes to find the perfect sweets mixture for you. 

Final Words

What we share, our cannabis chocolate recipe is exciting and straightforward to make, and it’s one of the most delicious. The only disadvantage is you could be consuming it too much and end up getting stoned than desired.