Cannabis Bonsai Complete Growing Manual

Are you a marijuana grower? Do you plan to grow your own cannabis? In growing weed, there are so many ways that you should follow. You should be more knowledgeable enough with the steps and methods in doing it so you can grow your plants well. 

There are also some creative ways of growing cannabis. You can make your own cannabis bonsai plant. This article would help you know the steps and understand the method of growing marijuana bonsai plants. Through this article, you will have some ideas with its growing manual. 

Cannabis Bonsai Growing: Description and Steps

If you are into growing a cannabis bonsai plant, you should know the exact steps on how to do it. You should start it by knowing what marijuana bonsai is and why you should plant it. This is a type of plant with a miniature size, which was originated in the old times in Japan. However, there are some studies that say that the root of the growing bonsai plant was originated in the old time in China. 

The growers are aiming to grow a bonsai plant in order for them to make a plant look like those plants that you can find in the wild with the small size of it. This is a good idea for those growers who have small spaces. 

You should also know that the bonsai plants are not really small. Growers just did some procedures in changing a tall plant into a bonsai tree. It means that any type of plant or tree can actually be made as a bonsai plant. The word bonsai is a Japanese word, which means small plants or plants that can be grown inside of a container. 

The container that you should use if you want to grow a bonsai plant should be small. By this, your plants will be able to limit the storage of the enormous amount of the nutrients, and it would also prevent the plant from getting big roots. 

In choosing a marijuana tree to be cultivated as a bonsai plant, you have to choose the one with a trunk that is woody, and the leaves of the plants should be small, too. There are many methods you should follow in growing a bonsai plant such as the wiring of the branch, pruning method, the limitation with the amount of fertilizers, and other important information. 

Due to the methods you should try, growing a weed bonsai plant will take so much of your time as well as your effort because it demands a lot of tasks. However, if you will be able to plant your trees well, then all of your efforts will surely be paid off.  Now, let us find out what the steps are in cultivating a weed bonsai plant. 

Steps and Tools in Growing a Marijuana Bonsai tree

You have to know that you need lots of materials and tools to grow your own bonsai tree. Aside from that, you have to make sure you will be able to follow the steps, well. Here are the things you need:

  • Marijuana Plant – You should choose the young marijuana plant, and it should be in a pot. 
  • Drill – Make sure to prepare the one that is electric. 
  • Wire covered with plastic – Make sure it can be used for gardening. You can also use a twine which can be used for gardening, too. 
  • Stake – Choose the one that is wooden. 

If you have already prepared the materials needed, then you have to be prepared with the steps that you have to take. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Making Holes

Make sure to make holes on all of the pot’s sides. Your holes should be in the area where you can put the wires in the process of making growing a weed bonsai tree. The width of the holes should be good for your wires or twines. 

Step 2: Training of the Trunk

In order to completely change your cannabis plant into a marijuana bonsai plant, you need to know and understand this step. You should put the stake beside the trunk. The stake that is wooden can be used in guiding the trunk of your plant in the direction you would like to make. Through this, you will be able to make a marijuana bonsai plant, with the figure you like. 

You should be careful enough in pressing the stake so that you can prevent any damages of the root. If you finished wrapping the plant’s trunk to how you want to wrap it, the next thing you do is to tie the trunk with the use of the twines or wires. You can use the holes you’ve made in putting the wires. Your trunk will expand, so you must not do the tying tightly. 

Step 3: Training of the Branch

If you have already done the steps in the trunk part of the plant, the next thing you should do is to train the branch. You should tie your marijuana plant’s branches. You can do it just like the way you did in tying the trunk. You should decide on the direction of your branches and make sure to tie the branches with the use of the wires or twines. Connecting the wires to the holes should be the next step. 

You have to do just like what you did in the training of the plant’s tree wherein you left an allowance while you put the wires so that your branches will grow well, and there will be no damages. 

Step 4: Pruning the Branch

After you have trained the branches, the next step you should take is pruning the branch. In order for you to set your limitation with the quantity of the plant’s branches, you should prune your plants. This will be helpful in achieving the bonsai plant’s look. Aside from that, it would help in preserving the quantity with the flow of the air into your cannabis plant, wherein it will prevent from becoming very humid, which will result to molds. 

In the pruning method, you have to prune the new branches of the tree because there are important parts of the plants wherein if you will cut, it might affect with your plant’s growth. 

Step 5: Harvesting

With the proper care and much effort, your marijuana bonsai tree will grow successfully. You should know the flowering stage of your plant by looking at the trichomes, which will be on the buds, and if the colors of the trichomes are white and creamy, then it means you can harvest your bonsai plant. 

Leaving those buds that are fresh inside of a room that is ventilated will be helpful in drying them off. Then, the separation of the stem from the plant’s branch should be the next thing that you should do. After that, you can proceed to curing. 

In curing your plant’s bud, you have to prepare a jar, which is glass, and it should be airtight. Put the plant’s buds inside of the jar and put the jar in the room that is dark and dry. Too much humidity will ruin the buds, so you have to check the buds from time to time. If your buds are dried, then your curing process is done.

Your marijuana bonsai plant maybe lacks of buds now, but it can still be used. It is possible to extend your plant’s life, and it can possibly go with the flowering stage for a long time. 


Cultivating a cannabis bonsai plant is not an easy thing to do. You have to put so much effort and time for you to be able to do it right. However, after putting so much effort, if you grow your plant successfully, then it will be worth it. 

This manual about the marijuana bonsai growing will be very helpful if you plan to have your own weed bonsai tree. You have to make sure to prepare the tools that will be needed in the process as well as familiarize the steps in doing it.

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