Candy Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Candy Jack cannabis strain is a balanced hybrid with a genetic ratio of 50% sativa and 50% indica,  with a modest THC level of 19%.   It is derived from Jack Herer and Skunk#1 and has won 1st place in the 2013 US Cannabis Cup.  It is the most popular strain in the West Coast and Nevada. It’s a perfect wake and bake strain to start your day time grind. It is one of the strongest and potent strains. Its THC levels can max out at 27% and best for experienced, seasoned smokers. It has lush green leaves with golden and burnt red foliages, it has moderate fluffy buds and generously covered crystal trichomes.   It has a unique aroma and flavors of flowery, sweet, fruity tones with a hint of citrus and pine.     It is ideal for daytime use

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Candy Jack Fem

Candy Jack  cannabis strain has a distinct  aroma of sweet, sharp citrus and some hints of grape, berries and earthy tones.  It has a flavorful profile and is sugarly sweet with pine notes  and a hint of citrus aftertaste.   It can be grown indoors and outdoors.  

Candy Jack  ganja strain is also a potent strain. It provides that intense cerebral, energetic high, with mental clarity and focus.    It leaves the user in a functional high, creative and focused without the couchlock, sedative effects. It jolts up your energy allowing you to be productive and allow more tasks to be accomplished  This strain is perfect for daytime use that will not lose your motivation to do those mundane chores.  It is also perfect  for intimate social gatherings that stimulates conversation with friends and at the same time relaxes the  mind and body.  It is not advisable for night time use as this will interrupt the sleep cycle due to its psychoactive high.

What are the Medical Benefits of Candy Jack Fem?

Candy Jack  marijuana strain helps alleviate mental and physical disorders.  It has that intense psychoactive high and focus  that gradually relaxes the mind and body. It has mood altering effects that are suitable to treat  depression, stress, and anxiety. It also helps to relax the muscle, chronic pain, migraines,   fatigue and other body pains.  Its strain has an intense appetite stimulant to treat eating disorders, and anorexia. It helps cancer patients deal with loss of appetite brought by after effects of chemotherapy and cobalt treatments.   

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Candy Jack Fem

Candy Jack  cannabis strain has adverse effects of cotton mouth and bloodshot eyes. It can be easily managed through  proper hydration. It is best to hydrate before, during and after usage. For dry eyes, it is recommended to have a bottle of moisturizer for the eyes to prevent dryness and itchy eyes. Some may experience dizziness, headaches, anxiety and paranoia due to excess dosage.  As this is a potent strain, it is best to moderate the dosage on this strain or try other strains with less THC levels for tokers who are sensitive to high THC.

How to Grow  Candy Jack Fem 

Candy Jack marijuana strains are easy to propagate and can be grown by experience and novice breeders. It is a sturdy and resilient plant  and can resist mold, mildews and other diseases.   It can grow up to 2 feet  and has lush green leaves with gold and burnt foliage with crystal trichomes.  It grows all year round and the flowering period is at least 8 to 9 weeks.  With the right feeding and well lighted environment,  it can yield at least 500 to 1,000 grams for outdoor propagation and 500 grams for indoor propagation.  


2 reviews for Candy Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Redmond G.

    Wohooo!  My five plants produced a good harvest, and they are tall and shaggy, with a wonderful scent. Growing them in my yard for 9 weeks was a fun experience for me. I’m delighted with how well these plants came out. Candy Jack has a sweet flavor, similar to that of a candy.This tasty strain helps with my studies and concentration in order for me to pass my nursing licensure exam. I’m sure I’ll be able to pass. I’ll tell my best friend about it so we can both pass our exams next month!

  2. Valerie G.

    Bro… Candy Jack is really amazing. My life was such a mess that, so hard for me to put things in order due to being depressed and feeling down. But this strain’s powerful effect washed away all the negative AURA that surrounds me – puts me at ease, leaves me with an energetic cerebral high, I am so glad I found this bro! Really motivates me a lot! Indeed, this strain is very easy to grow, just give proper lighting and right feeding to CJ, just like what I did, and gave me an excellent yield, man! These seeds in here are really surprising! 5 stars, obviously!!

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