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Can You Overdose on CBD: How Much is Too Much?

With all of its known health benefits, CBD or cannabidiol is a potent natural extract from the cannabis plant that has little to no side effects. But, what happens if you take too much CBD? Can you overdose on CBD? And is there such a thing called overindulgence when it comes to CBD. In this article, we discuss what is cannabidiol, how it affects the body, its proper dosage, and of course, answer the question – can you overdose on CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It is mostly derived in many different strains of marijuana and hemp. There are a lot of marijuana strains that are rich in CBD. It is known that CBD is the direct counter to THC or the compound in marijuana that gets you high. The popularity of CBD and many of its derivatives is due to its potent abilities to attain relief from many medical conditions.

The best part about CBD is it is not addictive. There are no studies that confirm that CBD is an addictive substance hence it is commonly regarded as an alternative medical solution for many illnesses instead. This should slowly put you at ease when it comes to the fear of overdosing on CBD. CBD and its many products are currently becoming more popular due to its effective ways of treating these diseases.

As popularity continues to grow, the concern on whether consuming beyond what is recommended also starts to worry many people. We all know that taking too much of something is bad for our health but would CBD fall into that category?

How Does CBD Affect The Body?

Cannabidiol affects the entire body but it mainly affects the brain. These effects prevent the breakdown of chemicals that are known to affect pain and mood. This is the reason why CBD is a very potent compound against pain. One of the best benefits you get from consuming CBD is pain relief. Preventing the breakdown of these substances allow people who have chronic pain to have increased quality of life and better mood in the long run.

It is a very effective measure of epilepsy. One specific product called Epidiolex has already been approved and known to cause fewer seizures in people with epilepsy. This is a great step towards accepting CBD as one of the major players in the medical community.

Another great effect of CBD is its management of multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, Crohn’s Disease, and even diabetes. Reports show that people with depression and bipolar disorders have less tendency to be manic during episodes. It is also known to reduce inflammation thus decreasing the damage caused by Crohn’s Disease.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

By definition, overdosing is a term used when a consumer goes beyond the advised dosage of a certain substance. Overdose is a safety issue wherein most people are not familiar with. Overdose is common in people with substance abuse and addiction. It is a high-risk activity that could even lead to death.

CBD is a non-toxic substance and has very mild side effects. This means that it is very unlikely that you would overdose on CBD. It is a much safer alternative to other synthetic medications that may run the risk of developing morbid side effects when taken in a prolonged period. Hundreds and thousands of people have attested to the benefits of CBD and there are still no known reports of overdose caused by CBD.

Still, it does not disprove that consuming CBD above its recommended dose would not be detrimental to your health. How much is too much CBD for your body? While CBD may not kill you, it is still widely advised to take only the recommended dose from your trusted medical professional. The overconsumption of CBD may have little side effects but they can also be very disrupting.

Many of its adverse reactions include anxiety, dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, and vomiting. Depression and psychosis pose a greater threat when CBD is not fully controlled.

Knowing Proper Dose

Proper dosing is key to safety when it comes to consuming CBD. While it remains to be free from any dangerous side effects or overdosing, careful consideration of the dose is still very important. A prescription of any cannabidiol product would entail having to consume around 2.5mg per kg of CBD twice per day for adults. Higher doses may be advised but only when there is a recommendation coming from a medical professional.

You can also check the recommended dose or serving size that is indicated at the bottle. If you have purchased one, make sure to check out the serving size first before you start chugging down on CBD. Those who are still new to CBD should always start small or start in lower doses than the usual or what is recommended in the bottle. Test yourself out first and see if the effects are not overwhelming you. As soon as you feel yourself easing in on the effects of the substance, you can slowly increase the dose to where it is recommended.


CBD and its derivatives are known to help people cope with their medical illnesses. It is even known as a treatment method for drug addiction. The substance has shown a drastic reduction in cravings in people experiencing drug withdrawal. Such a study has pointed out that CBD is indeed one of the few natural substances in the world that have less likely to promote overdosing.

So, whether you begin to ask can you overdose on CBD? It is always best to choose a brand that you trust. Visit your local trusted dispensary and see if they have CBD products to offer. When searching for a good source, always look for organic ones as they are less likely to be exposed to harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Look for full-spectrum products so that you get the maximum benefits of CBD. Check out other products that contain CBD as well and see if they can make consuming CBD more fun and convenient.

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