Californian Skunk Weed Seeds

Californian Skunk Weed Seeds is a balanced indica-sativa strain that’s preferably grown indoors. It is a small and compact strain only 50 to 55 cm high but can produce up to 500 grams per plant. It has average THC amounts and will flower early in just 9 to 10 weeks.


Californian Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Introduced in California in the early 80s is the hybrid mix of Indica and Sativa called the California Skunk Haze. With the ancestry of California Orange Skunk and the Skunk haze, this seed will grow to a plant with enhanced effect because of the Haze genetics and bulky buds because of the Skunk 1 genetics.

It is a stable and true breeding variety a hairy orange flowers. It has an orangey citrus sweet taste with a strong cerebral high.Grown suitably indoors, the plant yields 500 grams per plant flowering within 9 to 10 weeks and harvest time is on the end of October. Although this is not so tall, the height is only 50 to 55 centimeters, the branches have the tendency to be heavy. It has a THC level of 8 to 15 %. Its growth difficulty is moderate.

One of the best yielding plants you can grow inside any size of grow room. This strain is best under fluorescent grow lights and led lights as well as hydroponic setups in closets or in greenhouses.


Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-10 weeks
Type :Indica – sativa Harvest :end of october
Climate : indoor Stoned/High : Sativa high
Yield :500 grams/plant THC level :medium 8% – 15%
Height :40 – 55 cm Grow Difficulty :Moderate


How To Buy Seeds For Growing Californian Skunk

Californian Skunk can be obtained from our store through online web browsing. This marijuana pot seed is a variety of Indica and Sativa mix hybrid that results to fruity flavoring if used. If you buy this cheap marijuana weed seed then you can be sure that when you harvest you could get at least 500 grams for each female plant. It blooms every 9-10 weeks and grows only as tall as 40-60 cm in height. You can grow this cannabis seed either indoors or outdoors, it’s an easy growing weed plant that suits even the aspiring weed growers.

Marijuana seed for sale is available in our seed bank and ready to be shipped whenever you order. Our online store guarantees you that our Californian skunk pot seed can give you an elevating weed experience that you will enjoy with its orange like tasty savor. We have provided you the best Californian skunk cost not to mention the good quality we present.


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