California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


California Dream Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields because of its very thick resin coating. It is a relaxing and calming strain with delicious citrus, mint, sweet, herbal, and pungent flavors. You can get as much as 800 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About California Dream

Sugary and Tasty Treat

California Dream is an Indica-dominant strain that consists of 20 to 25% THC content. Just like most Indica strain features, California Dream also produces a relaxing body of high feeling. This usually quickly hits your mind and makes you feel more active and creative. These strains also expand your potential to concentrate on your everyday tasks.

Aside from that, this strain also offers a very relaxing sensation that will last within a few hours. California Dream has the power to highly energize you with just first toke. This strain presents its best notes due to its taste and fragrance, such as a hint of citrus taste, pervasive mint, sweet taste, and skunk.

If you are a novice grower, try to have supervision of an experienced cannabis grower because the California Dream is quite challenging to grow. Though it is considered just a medium-sized plant, it needs more space as well as your time and effort to raise it. California Dream can reach up to 4 ft tall; with bushy rich green leaves, it grows like a Christmas tree shape. In a controlled setup, it flourishes well when you employ Screen of Green setup.

Those cultivators must take supervision into it for nine weeks of flowering state. Cali Dream can reap for as much as 450 grams of buds each square meter. Like most strains, Cali Dream also yields more in a warm climate. When the month of October comes, expect that this plant can produce a huge 800 grams of buds every plant of California Dream.


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