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Bubble Hash – How To Make Bubble Hash

The ice-water filtration technique is one of the most popular methods of producing hash. Many marijuana enthusiasts who want to enjoy the bubble effect it produces than smoking buds and other forms of hashish use this method. The bubble high gives the person a different level of uplift. It has a fewer side effects than smoking the weed alone. In countries where marijuana is still illegal, many people prefer to have this for ease during transport. A quality-made bubble hash is a very potent product. It can give a great head high even with a small amount of it.

A bubble hash is made from pure trichomes taken out from the marijuana plant. The method used in making a bubble hash is more like a combination of a blender and screen methods. Secure a bucket and a bubble bag. Place the buds on the bucket. Trichomes are made brittle using the ice and cold water. It is slowly agitated. Together with cold water, filtering bags are used to separate the trichomes.

A bubble hash can also be produced using a bubble bag kit that you can buy from online stores. The bag kit for making a bubble hash usually includes a 220-micron screen as the working bag, a 73-micron screen as the filtering bag and a 25-micron screen as the second filtering bag.  To increase yields, additional mixing is required. Thereafter, the mixture is strained through the filters to achieved purity.

Bubble Hash Bags – How To Make Bubble Hash

As the name suggest, bubble hash creates bubbles when heated. It is more potent and can give a different high feeling than smoking the weed alone. This is best suited for people who love marijuana but do not want the carcinogens present in the smoke. Bubble hash is known to be clean and with the purest THC content. People who want to be relieved from pain associated with migraines, arthritis, cancer and other ailments are obtaining much benefit on this bubble hash. Its potency is very high but it does not give off toxic substances usually found in smoking cannabis plants.

Bubble hash is best not only for people who have ailments but it is a great use for marijuana enthusiasts who wanted to have that different level of high without absorbing carcinogens from smoking. No toxic substances are also present because bubble hash process only makes use of cold water and ice. No isopropyl, butane and other flammable substances are used during the extraction of THC.  Producing a bubble hash will only require you to have paper towels, cardboard, buckets, cannabis, water and ice.

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