Bruce Banner x Mochalope Marijuana Seeds


Bruce Banner x Mochalope Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain at 24 percent. This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s very calming and relaxing with good yields up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 750 grams per plant outdoors. This is a strain with delicious chocolate-coffee and sweet earthy flavors.

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More About Bruce Banner x Mochalope

Best Flavor Buds of Bruce Banner

After crossing the highly potent strain, Bruce Banner, with a tempting fragrance of Mochalope, develops a limited-edition hybrid Bruce Banner x Mochalope. The effect of this strain is quite far from its namesake, because of the fact that these huge-size buds have a great THC level and can be more likely attributed to the hero named Incredible Hulk. This strain took the cannabis community with its typical genes that it inherits from its parents. It not only has a magnificent flavor and fragrance, but it also gives a well balanced Sativa and Indica high that vitalizes the mind, and it even gives a relaxed feeling to your body. Above all, it can also be used for the remedy of different illnesses due to its potent therapeutic property.

Growing these coffee-fragrant “hulk” is quite easy to do. Owing to its Afghanistan ancestry, it was flexible to issues that appear on most strains. This plant can also condone a slight error brought by novice or those who are inexperienced in growing cannabis plants. Bruce Banner x Mochalope is a medium-sized plant that grows around 90 to 120 cm tall. This strain flourishes well in both indoor or outdoor settings. Though growing indoors, it required ample vertical space, or else, the grow light may burn the leaves once it stretches.

Otherwise, growing it outdoors with a sunny and dry climate, this strain can give its maximum height and even its buds that it produces. After 8 to 9 weeks of the flowering period, you may expect to have an above-average harvest of these chunky buds.


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