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Bonkers Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bonkers Strain is a traditional Indica-dominant hybrid that will transport you to a more carefree era. When the more traditional qualities are combined in, Bonkers Feminized Strain may have some strong and hard-hitting traits that will leave you numb and speechless for hours. The flavors of this strain are intended to produce a more fruity and tropical taste. Your mind and body will be taken on a journey by the high you’ll experience with this stealthy strain, which may be among the hardest strains you’ve ever experienced. You may order the Bonkers Strain Feminized marijuana seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden for the lowest possible price. Large discounts will apply to bulk purchases. We promise that you will receive seeds of the highest caliber and consistency.

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What is Bonkers Strain?

Bonkers Strain is a hybrid cross of Purple Indica, Grapefruit, and Burmese. The high THC content of this Indica-dominant strain, which averages 23%, makes it well-known. Additionally, dealing with a strain this powerful presents a challenge and a need for prudence for even the most experienced marijuana users. Both recreational and medicinal cannabis users like the balanced combination of fruity sweetness and powerful physical and cerebral stimulation provided by this 70% Indica-dominant mixture. Although this cannabis strain has many positive advantages, it is not advised that new or unskilled users be put off by its potent high. The tasty buds on this cannabis strain make it desirable to customers because they are a great pleasure. Another reason marijuana enthusiast is impressed by Bonkers Feminized Strain’s greatness is that, despite its potency, the smoke from this cannabis strain is easy on the lungs.


These are a mixture of sweet, fruity scents with floral undertones and a tropical vibe. These buds burn with a light, non-irritating smoke that is gentle on the lungs.


It’s a flavorful strain with potent fruit flavors and an earthy taste. When the thick smoke is exhaled, floral undertones are discernible, and they linger in the mouth after the smoke has been exhaled.


It has an Indica-style bushy appearance with a short and wide stem. Also produces dark-green to purple water leaves. And if exposed to cold temperatures for an extended time, the flower changes from green to purple.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Grapefruit x Purple Indica x Burmese Ruderalis
Strain Dominant: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 18 – 23%
Flowering Time: 7 – 8 weeks

Bonkers Strain Growing Information

These Bonkers Strain Feminized cannabis seeds will grow well with just a fundamental knowledge of marijuana gardening! If you follow the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation for this strain, you’ll have some trichome-rich buds that might make the nugget seem scrumptious! Large quantities of these flowers would also be available outside, where they would be exposed to fresh air and sunlight. The Bonkers Feminized marijuana seeds aren’t just worthwhile for your time because of how they look or how simple it is to produce them. They would swiftly develop and blossom as well! When grown indoors, Bonkers will reach full development in 7 to 8 weeks. From late September to the beginning of October, when the weather is suitable for outdoor gardening, you will be harvesting.

Bonkers Strain Medical Benefits

Bonkers strain feminized marijuana strains offer several medicinal benefits to medical marijuana users. It works well as a psychiatric treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and PTSD. This plant will stifle the patient’s persistent thoughts of unpleasant memories and doubts, rendering them useless. But because of its euphoric and mood-lifting effects, it promotes pleasure and enhanced energy that radiates in their aura, giving them a strong sensation of positivity by securing these unfavorable perceptions. The well-known sedative and analgesic properties of bonkers fem help patients using prescription marijuana who are suffering from pain. Additionally, it soothes the nerves and relaxes the muscles, giving them the additional sleep, they require. Many people with sleep issues or insomnia should still anticipate the peaceful sleep that this marijuana can bring, as well as cannabinoid medication to aid them in obtaining that much-needed rest.

Final Thoughts

For everyone who like hybrids, Bonkers is the ideal option. Fast and intense, the high hits the mind with a lifted, high-flying sense of joy virtually as soon as you exhale. Any anxious or negative thoughts will disappear right away as your brain is overflowing with joy, and they will be replaced by a hazy bliss. This heady lift is accompanied by a calming body high that slowly permeates your limbs before putting you into a mildly couch-locked state. You can rely on Marry Jane’s Garden, an online seed bank. We offer higher germination rates and premium-quality feminized seeds of the Bonkers strain at competitive prices. Visit our simple website to take advantage of special offers when purchasing marijuana seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bonkers strain good for insomia?

Patients with sleeplessness can benefit from this strain’s strong sedative effects. These patients may fall asleep soundly and deeply after taking this strain’s high.

Is Bonkers Strain indica or sativa?

The breeders combined Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica, and ruderalis to develop Bonkers, a strain that is around half Indica and half Sativa, in order to reach this durability target.

How strong is this strain?

THC levels in Bonkers can reach up to 24%, therefore those who are new to marijuana or have low tolerance levels should use caution when trying this strain. Bonkers is often regarded as being incredibly soothing, despite the fact that its cerebral spaciness tends to hit nearly instantly.

2 reviews for Bonkers Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. D. Jennings

    Woahh! This cannabis induces a tropical mood with its fruity scent and flavor. It was so intense as the bud was lit and its heavy smoke reached my mouth. This MJ gets me insanely high! I actually felt totally relaxed, and then all of my muscles and legs began to sag, and I couldn’t stop giggling, bro! In just 8 weeks of cultivating them outside, this simple plant rewarded me with great yields for each plant. This is a fantastic treat for anyone suffering from insomnia, and it can really help you get a good night’s sleep, just like it did for me!

  2. B. Stune

    It’s a plant that grows quickly and is a fun time to grow! It produces decent yields in just 7 weeks, has a fruity scent and taste, and provides a tropical vibe when consumed. This cannabis is what I smoke when I just want to chill, watch old old films, listen to love songs, or do nothing… it’s best to have it at night! Unfortunately, smoking it in high doses can cause nausea, dizziness, and anxiety. So please smoke it in moderation, and if you do overdose, remember to stay hydrated! I’m going to plant some more of this relaxing cannabis!!

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