What are Bongs and where to buy bongs

Many of you know that a bong is a water pipe. This is an apparatus used for smoking marijuana or any other herbal substances like vaporizers. Looking closely to the structure of a bong, you may find it easy to distinguish the traits of a hookah but at a miniature and more portable manner. There are many bongs for sale online and there are bongs that you made out of scratch from day to day materials. The availability of bongs is either they are made by plastic or glass. There are bongs that are of top class and there are affordable and cheap bongs. At Mary Jane’s Garden, we have many bongs for sale.  Here, you can buy bongs online at the best of prices.
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Wooden Bamboo Bong

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Marijuana Bongs – How To Use A Water Bong

What are the parts of Bongs and what are the uses of those parts?

When you have just started to smoke marijuana, you may wonder what a bong is and how to use bongs. It’s true that there are many kinds of bongs but keep in mind that the principle of how one works are all the same for the filtering and cooling marijuana. To understand how a bong works, one must first know what the basic parts of bongs are.

  1. There is the mouthpiece where one put’s their mouth to inhale. This is located at the top of the bongs.
  2. The chamber, this is where the smoke is held captive before you start to inhale it.
  3. The Downstem, this is where the smoke travel through before it goes to the water and then the chamber.
  4. The Carb. This is an airway where it contributes on pushing the smoke out of the bong and into your lungs.
  5. The Bowl, this is where one puts the marijuana and where they would light it.

Now, when you buy bongs, those are the basic parts that you will find. However, there are some bongs for sale that has a few added parts. After you know what makes a bong, you can now know how to use it.

How to use bongs in smoking marijuana?

  1. First, you have to place water into your bong. It is said that the water cools down the smoke so that the smoker can inhale more. There are variations of which you can place instead of tap water, you can use ice with some cold water to produce a bubbly sound when you inhale, you can also use hot water because it can bring moisture in to your lungs.
  2. In this step you need to check your water level. The water must not be too high. It must only be low enough that it will not spill into the carb when you bend down and began smoking.
  3. Make sure that when you place the marijuana, it is not so full that some if it will fell when you start smoking. DO only a medium-tight consistency.
  4. Next is to place your mouth into the mouthpiece. Here, you have to ensure that your lips will seal the opening completely.
  5. Hold the bong tightly and make sure that you cover the opening of the carb with one hand.
  6. This next step really depends of what position you prefer. You can take a sit and rest your bong into your chest area.
  7. Be careful not to burn yourself in this next step. You need to hold the lighter up to your bowl while inhaling. The inhaling must be done continuously. In this step, you chamber should start to be filled with smoke. Now, to start smoking, you need to uncover the carb and inhale. After you’ve got enough hit, cover the carb once again.
  8. Here, try to hold the smoke for about 6 – 8 seconds at most. This is because 80% of the smoke is absorbed at first contact but the rest will only be absorbed in the next 6 seconds.
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