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Bob Marley Feminized Seeds is a balanced indica-sativa cannabis strain known for its very high THC at 20 to 30 percent. This is a very relaxing and calming strain and can give you a very potent couchlock effect. This is a very productive strain growing up to 350 grams per square meter indoors and up to 425 grams per plant outdoors.


Bob Marley Sativa Feminized Pot Seeds

This feminized sees strain was named after the late legendary reggae artist, Bob Marley. A toke of this weed makes you want to listen to the relaxing and soothing music of the great artist.

The Bob Marley feminized seed strain is an authentic cannabis sativa variety. the greatest feature of this seed is the ability of th plant to grow very tall with the big top cola. It has a great number of leggy branches that are filled with small but powerful buds. The promising harvest is expected because of the height it reaches.

Note: You will receive the very best 10 female pot seeds which will only grow female plants. The benefit of this is that you do not need to learn which is a male or famale plant because males do not contain any bud or THC. Feminized seeds are worth the price as it will save you time and money in the long run.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-11 week
Type : Sativa Harvest :End of September
Climate : Outdoor Stoned/High :Sativa high
Yield :400 grams/plant THC level :15% – 20%
Height :70 – 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate


Bob Marley Sativa Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Bob Marley is a musical icon that forever revolutionized the face of reggae music. The Bob Marley Sativa Feminized marijuana plant has been named after the icon because of the soothing and relaxing high that customers experience. Bob Marley Sativa Feminized marijuana seeds grow to become very tall cannabis plants that yield an average of 400 grams per plant every September of the each year. It is best grown outdoors because of its astounding height. Bob Marley Sativa Feminized weed seeds cultivators should expect a very good harvest come September.

Cheap Bob Marley Sativa Feminized marijuana seeds and many other marijuana seeds strains can be bought from our online seed bank. You can choose to pay via your Visa or Mastercard credit card, money transfers, EMT Interac for Canadians, Bitcoin or with cash that you may send through registered mail. To show you how much we appreciate your business, we will give you an extra 10 regular or 5 feminized pot seeds of a different or the same strain if you spend over $100 on seeds (shipping fee not included) that you make on our website.


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